Ten Tech Gifts for Christmas

When it comes to the latest gadgets you can trust that our Geeks are the first to get their hands all over them. So this year we have dug deep to find what’s what and what’s new in the tech world to create a holiday gift guide for you.

Take a look at our top ten picks for tech gifts this holiday season.

#1 “Drones, the hot gadget of 2016”


Perfect for: The film and photo enthusiast who wants to go the distance.

DJJ Phantom 4 Pro

RRP: $1899 NZD

Have you ever wanted to fly to the place beyond the border and really explore New Zealand? Have you seen glimpses of what is out there but long to experience landscape for yourself? Well with this state of the art done, it is now a reality. Pick up the controls and command your very own private sky drone at 72km/h with a built in 4k camera. The DJJ Phantom 4 Pro provides state of the art technology with a luxurious perspective.

#2 “Say goodbye to the polaroid camera”


Perfect for: The Instagram fanatic or scrapbooking enthusiast.

FujiFilm Instax Share SmartPhone Printer

RRP: $245

Snap, share, print! This little pocket printer is ideal for capturing those summer memories with ease. FujiFilm has fused the aesthetic appeal of polaroid photography with the technology of today to provide a straightforward solution to digital photo printing. With a press of a button, you can print photos directly from your phone to the high-quality Instax photo paper. So whether it’s scrapbooking, card making, wall décor or a touching gift for your friend, this gadget is a must have!

#3 “Another nail in the coffin for laptop culture”



Perfect for: The whole family.

Apple iPad pro 9.7

RRP: $999

The iPad Pro is the most refined tablet on the market. From its stunning Retina display to the high-quality surround speakers, the iPad Pro is synonymous with style and has become a household essential. This tablet makes you feel at home. Curled up on the couch, you can enjoy your favourite TV shows, websites, social media pages and apps with the swipe of a finger. Geeks on Wheels are an authorised Apple reseller so we can make life easier and order with specifications to suit you.

#4 “No wires, no fuss. Just serious fun.”


Perfect for: Your little inventor.

SAMs Lab Curious Cars

RRP: $265 NZD

A small step for your little one and a giant leap for education. SAMs curious cars are essentially a fusion of building blocks, racing cars and computer coding. It may sound complex from the onset but SAMs Lab’s make It straightforward, fun and creative. The idea behind this exciting new kit is to customise, and create your dream vehicle, download the SAMs Lab app and make the car, flash, drive, beep and play music.

#5 “Uncompromised performance, all day long”



ASUS VivoBook

Perfect for: Your little one going back to school.

RRP: $449

Bringing a polished look, compact size and affordability to the casual laptop. In a word the ASUS VivoBook is versatile. Perfect for young children going back to school, your Grandma who needs a new affordable, straightforward laptop or your Dad who wants the everyday needs of web browsing, emails and Microsoft office. With a weight less than 1kg it is hard to believe it also has a battery life of 13 hours while running a movie in high definition colour. So call us today to order yours and our Geeks can deliver it direct to your door!

#6 “The only question is, what will you create?”


Perfect for: Your creative teenager or crafty creative.

3Doodler Pen Kit

RRP: $70 NZD

If a 3D printing machine is a bit too cumbersome for your lifestyle, but the concept of making your own 3D art at home fascinates you, then maybe the 3Doolder pen is the gift for you. The idea is simple, and the execution is immaculate. Plug the pen in, insert the strand of plastic and you’re away in seconds. Welding creations with this pen can take you as far as your imagination will go while keeping your design efficient and compact.

7# “Immediate technology advice is just a phone call away”


Perfect for: Someone in your life that needs a bit of technology guidance.

The Geek Hotline

RRP: From $99 NZD

When you need computer questions answered immediately, or someone to sort out those annoying technology niggles that aren’t worth getting a technician out for, it’s hard to know who to ask! That’s where the Geek Hotline comes in. This is a perfect gift for the ones a little lost with technology in your life. The Geek Hotline comes in handy as a direct point of contact with tech experts who can guide you through any questions, concerns or queries as well as providing a service where our Geeks can see your computer live as you operate to help you solve your problems sooner.

#8 “The balance between convenience and environmental responsibility”


Perfect for: Your Uncle who works in graphic design and likes to shop at Barkers.


RRP: $40 NZD

A water bottle that stands out and fits in.

The Memobottle is a premium slimline, reusable water bottle, designed to fit stylishly into handbags, backpacks, laptop bags or even within your pocket! This water bottle has flipped the switch on the cylinder water bottle and has sparked a conversation about how we hold water in the modern day. With its minimalist design, it offers a myriad of options when it c personalization, with a variety of sizes and colours.

9# “Smartest Luggage ever”


Perfect for: The fashion forward, frequent flyer.

RADEN A22 Carry

RRP: $415 NZD

Gone are the days of standing on the scales at home to ensure your luggage will meet the flight weight requirements. This sleek and smart luggage bag will weigh itself, charge your phone, and will track and trace its location to your phone via Bluetooth for your peace of mind. Apart from blowing us all away with its intelligent fusion of technology and functionality, it is also made of high-quality fibres, waterproof polycarbonate casing and comes in 10 colours with a gloss or matt finish.

If you’re a frequent flyer or want the most secure luggage bag on the market, then the A22 Carry is for you.

#10 “For the man who has everything”


Perfect for: The early riser.

SpreadTHAT’s Self Heating Butter Knife

RRP: $36 NZD

It has taken the gold for the competition no one else was in! The self-heating butter knife gives us a glimpse into the Jetson’s family lifestyle of the future, what a time to be alive!

It works by harnessing the natural temperature from your hand to heat the end of the blade, turning those cold morning dives at the butter into a smooth and luxurious experience to behold. This is truly the gadget you never knew you needed, but will struggle to live without.