Auckland Computer Repair

Our team of expert Computer Technicians based in Auckland are here to fix whatever headaches you’re having with your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV, wi-fi or anything else tech-related! Best of all, we come to you, covering the greater Auckland region – from Orewa to Pukekohe. For Auckland Computer Repair, there’s no one better than Geeks on Wheels.

Booking Line

0800 424 335 or
(09) 974 3300

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 4pm

Appointments can be arranged for early mornings, evenings, or anytime on Saturday.

Auckland Technicians

  • Brian

    About Brian

    Brian became a Geek at Geeks on Wheels as he wanted to be able to share the knowledge he has of computers with other people. He has completed a Diploma in IT at Manukau Institute of Technology, and previously worked for a computer refurbishing company fixing faulty components.

    You will notice Brian still has a hint of a South African accent as he was originally from Johannesburg. In his spare time he enjoys movie making, staying up to date with the latest technology, and playing around with radio controlled monster trucks.

    If your technology is causing you hassle then get Brian in today!

    What our customers say about Brian
    Very pleased with help received from Brian. Extremely pleasant, polite young man who has been a great help with the problems we were having with our new computer. Thank you Brian – Jillian, Bucklands Beach Brian was very helpful and gave constant updates and feedback on what he was doing. I felt confident that he was doing a really good job, and his customer service was excellent. Thank you - Janine, Auckland Woohoo! - another painless operation carried out by Brian, what a breath of fresh air! Thank you so much for the WOF and modem upgrade that's back up now in place. As always prompt, polite and efficiency, a real asset amongst our tech community, thanks Geeks on Wheels - Tracy, Orakei
  • Phil

    About Phil

    Phil has had a fascination with technology for years. This stemmed from a childhood of wanting to know how things worked and pulling them apart (with varied success in getting them back together in the beginning!).

    Phil worked in the telecommunications industry for many years, focusing on broadband and data. In recent years he has been living in the UK working in an IT support role, and has recently returned back to Auckland. If you get a chance, ask him about traveling and some of the places he has been over the last 8 years while living in the UK.

    Phil is a Microsoft software and operating system expert, and is particularly strong in PC and laptop repairs.

    What our customers say about Phil
    Great service, and great website, lays everything out, no hidden costs, you know where you stand before the tech arrives on site, thanks - Jane, Devonport, Auckland I'm very pleased. Efficient, friendly, and highly recommended service - Sherryle, Hobsonville
  • Julian

    About Julian

    If you need a mobile phone expert, Julian is your man! He owned and operated a mobile phone business in Kaitaia for many years, until finally deciding to move home to Auckland.

    While computers are his first love, Julian is also passionate about outdoor activities such as skiing, sailing and fire dancing. But his biggest obsession is speed skating, in which he recently came 2nd in the Auckland regional competition! His proudest speed skating moment was hitting just under 110km/hr down a hill! Perhaps you could challenge him to a race sometime.

    Julian has always been fascinated by all things techie, particularly gadgets from older generations.

    What our customers say about Julian
    Julian did a great job sorting out my printer and laptop, and I felt he explained the process really well – Kaye, Mt Eden I received excellent service from Julian. He arrived promptly, explained what was happening, and was happy to interrupt the appointment when things were moving very slowly. He rang that evening to check the download had finished and returned next day to finish the fine-tuning. A very satisfactory service, thank you – Anne, Takanini I have just had Julian from Geeks on Wheels come and sort out my computer (Windows 10). I was very impressed with how helpful he was, and he answered all my questions, was very polite, and I would ask for him again if I need help with the computer – Barbara, Kohimarama
  • Ethan

    About Ethan

    Ethan has been fascinated with Apple Mac computers since he used one for the first time in primary school. Since then he has honed his skills by tinkering with various devices throughout the years, including tearing his family’s PC apart after it blew up when he was 7.

    Ethan’s background is in customer service, and he thrives on meeting new people and making sure they get the most out of their devices. He is particularly interested in Mac OSX and iOS, as well as mobile devices and tablets.

    In his spare time, Ethan enjoys playing strategy games such as Civilization and Age of Empires, gardening and relaxing in the sun.

    What our customers say about Ethan
    I cannot speak highly enough of Ethan. He was so good and helpful, he explained what was going on and ran me through everything I needed to know – Dennis, Weymouth Ethan was outstanding. A computer whiz, patient, kind, polite, and altogether the perfect technician. You are lucky to have him – Kerry, Green Bay We have used Geeks on a number of occasions and always received first class service. Today was no exception. Ethan arrived promptly, was friendly and highly knowledgeable. He solved the problem to our entire satisfaction and then solved a number of other issues leaving us much the better off for his visit. Worth every penny - our grateful thanks – Gerald, Mt Albert
  • Matt P

    About Matt

    Matt is a gaming fanatic who is in the process of starting up a You Tube channel with his friends. He describes himself as a ‘rare-breed’ of gamer who uses both PC and PS4 (take that, PC Master Race!), with his favourite game being Call of Duty Black Ops 3. When he isn’t gaming, Matt is a family man who loves spending time with his fiancé and 3-year-old daughter.

    Matt has many years of experience in the IT field, and holds a Level 5 Diploma in Systems Technology, as well as having spent some time with Gen-I and Acer Repair in Penrose.

    At the time of writing, Matt has downloaded around 700gb of data. That’s just…excessive.

    What our customers say about Matt
    Outstanding service well explained for a semi-luddite such as myself. Am now confident I have a secure, efficient Internet connection and a few more years of life in my current technology. Many thanks Matt P - Super Geek on Wheels! – Lisa, Point Chevalier Matt has been to visit today and our internet is now up and running! He had it sorted within 10 minutes of arriving. On top of this I had questions as a fairly new Mac user frustrated with simple things I didn't know how to do. Matt was able to solve every issue I had. He also discussed back up options and was able to update Outlook over to the 2016 version. Matt was professional and easy to deal with. I am extremely happy with the service and solutions. Thanks Matt, your help was much appreciated – Caron, Kohimarama
  • Reuben

    About Reuben

    Reuben became a geek because of Babylon 5.  He currently maintains his geek status by writing Dungeons & Dragons campaigns, taking part in medieval reenactments and being involved with plenty of Live Action Role Playing (LARP), in which he prefers being bad guys because they are ‘more fun.’  But don’t worry – we made sure his evil side is strictly reserved for the battlefield! This might explain why his favourite movie is The Count Of Monte Cristo.

    Prior to becoming one of our Geeks, Reuben was involved in IT sales but now wants the opportunity to be more focused on assisting customers and troubleshooting.  His strengths include hardware upgrades and installations, and home networking.


  • Dylan

    About Dylan

    Dylan considers himself a bit of a dilettante with interests in all sorts of areas, including gaming (especially World of Tanks – he is an addict), the outdoors, astronomy, philosophy and anything to do with science; physics in particular.  He is also mad about travel, having spent time in Europe, India, China and North Korea!

    His working life has been just as varied as his interests, ranging from construction to guitar tutoring to caring for the disabled.  However his true love has always been IT, and having spent some time working as a Technical Helpdesk Representative in the past, he has decided to rekindle his romance by working towards a degree in Computer Science.

    Dylan’s area of strength in IT is building and upgrading PC’s, and he is currently learning to develop apps for Android.  He is a true Geek through and through, with his love of computers beginning with a 486 running Windows 3.1 on which he spent many hours playing Doom.  However, he is slightly worried about being a heathen by admitting his favourite series of Star Trek is Voyager, simply stating that Captain Janeway is the ‘ultimate badass.’

    What our customers say about Dylan
    Dylan was a very personable and helpful young man who knew his stuff. Provided full explanations about the problems I was experiencing and was generally very efficient – Barbara, Mt Eden Dylan was a very prompt and courteous technician. Thorough job and would recommend to friends – Peter & Brenda, Point Chevalier Dylan arrived on time, was easy to work with and got the job done. Great work – Shelley, Swanson
  • Deán

    About Deán

    Deán originates from Pretoria, South Africa, but has now settled in Auckland with his wife and Husky who mean the world to him.  He has years of experience working with computers and IT, from freelancing for his dad’s computer company, to being the unofficial IT guy for his workmates.  Like many geeks, Deán is an avid gamer and enjoys building and dismantling PC’s.

    Back in South Africa, Deán was a member of the South African Air Force as a musician.  He is a qualified musician and teacher and plays a ridiculous amount of instruments, including the Tuba, Trombone, Drums, Piano and Bass Guitar, and, his absolute favourite, the Euphonium.  However, as much as he loves music, Deán is so excited to take on a full time role working in IT.

    When it comes to hobbies, Deán sits outside the box, as he is an avid blacksmith/armoursmith – not something you see a lot of these days, but if you ever need a new helmet, Deán is the man to see!  He is also a big fan of RC Toys, particularly drones and cars.

    What our customers say about Deán
    Deán was fantastic, he kept us informed of the progress at all times and was constantly reassuring us. He was polite and very concerned for us, we couldn't have had better service. I would certainly recommend Deán and the team at Geeks on Wheels to anyone. - Irene, Rangiora Deán was excellent. The main problem was fixed with an overall clean up of the computer as well! - Jonathan, Christchurch Central
  • Floyd

    About Floyd

    Floyd was raised in Kaitaia, but now lives in Auckland having moved there a few years ago to attend University. He studied Music & English, with a heavy focus on audio engineering. His love of technology and audio engineering go hand-in-hand with each other. In his words, “the modern music studio is based around computers, so learning computer systems is crucial to creating a functional home studio.”

    Floyd is part of a family with a mixed bag of careers. His parents are both lawyers, his older brother is a software engineer, his younger brother is a Pilot in the Airforce and his little sister is currently still in high school. He did admit to briefly looking into a career in law but decided it wasn’t quite right for him so he changed his field of study to something more suited to his personality. Floyd has been building PC’s since around 5 years old, but recently due to his interest in music production has been more Apple Mac-focussed.

    Outside of IT, Floyd enjoys spending far too much money on shoes and clothes, exploring new cities, eating delicious food and doing some PC gaming. He recently visited Melbourne where he hit the museum, art galleries and went op-shopping. One day hopes to visit Machu Picchu in Peru.

  • Adam

    About Adam

    Adam is a self-confessed technology addict! He has been tinkering with computers as long as he can remember, originally wanting to get into the digital design field to become a visual effects artist. However, he eventually decided that his true passion was being hands-on with gadgets and has been working on growing his knowledge ever since.  Adam is a Windows expert, having completed his CompTIA A+ and Microsoft Certified Professional qualifications. He is also very capable with getting Internet issues sorted, and holds a Diploma in Computer & Network Engineering.

    Adam grew up in New Plymouth with his parents and 2 older brothers, one of whom is also a bit of an IT nut. He is ¼ Samoan, and was lucky to be able to meet a lot of his extended family while in Samoa for his brothers wedding last year.  In his spare time, Adam enjoys video games, especially DOTA 2, a game he claims to have spent far too much time on, as well as generally tinkering and learning about new tech. His favourite film is Jurassic Park and one day he would love to spend some time visiting Sweden.

  • Ben

    About Ben

    Ben is currently living in Mount Wellington in Auckland and has recently completed his diploma in software development. Ben became a Geek because of his passion for problem-solving and love of technology. The two went together quite nicely, as well as getting to be amongst people, helping them out with what they think is the ‘impossible’.

    Ben’s dream job was to be an author and that soon developed into a love of sketching, board game stories and of course, videogames. If there was one place in the world he would go it would be to France. His mother is a talented French teacher and Ben mentions that being constantly surrounded by the language and culture he has grown a love for the country.

    Ben is a very quick learner and loves to pick up new skills wherever possible. The fun of technology is seeing it constantly evolve, which means he is developing new skills every day.

  • Stevie-Ray

    About Stevie-Ray

    Stevie-Ray is our resident sporty Geek. Having travelled to Russia to represent New Zealand in the International Federation Muaythai Amateur competition, Stevie-Ray boasts some impressive achievements. But don’t let that intimidate you, he is one of the friendliest Geeks you will ever meet.

    Stevie-Ray is local to Auckland, he thanks his father and mother for being the two biggest motivators and supporters in his life. Apart from excelling in sport, Stevie-Ray also has a skilled background in IT. With diplomas in PC support, networking/security and cloud management, he is well trained and always hungry to learn more about technology.

Services provided by the Auckland Geeks on Wheels

Mobile Computer Repairs and support in the Auckland region

Get mobile computer repairs and support in Auckland. We come to you fast to help repair and provide service & support for all of your computer problems in Auckland. Highly trained technicians can troubleshoot all PC and Apple Mac problems. System health checks to make your computer run as fast as it can – include software updates, hardware check-ups and virus scan.

Virus protection & spyware removal for Auckland customers

Fast virus and spyware removal in Auckland – we travel to you. We ensure that you have the latest in anti-virus protection and spyware removal software installed on your PC or Mac. All systems fully scanned for viruses and spyware with any threats removed quickly.

PC & Mac repairs and service in Auckland

Geeks on Wheels will service all types of computers – both Microsoft Windows PC’s and Apple Mac OSX. We have specialty Apple Mac trained technicians in Auckland. Software updates, hardware check-ups and virus scans give your system a health-check to make your computer run as fast as it should be.

New computer set-up in the Auckland region

We come to you to set up your new PC or Apple Mac computer. We travel to your home or office to set up all systems and peripherals in Auckland. Our technicians will install all programs, setup internet and email on your new computer. They can also transfer the data from your old computer and erase all information ready for sale or disposal.

Computer upgrades within Auckland

Mobile service to upgrade your computer in Auckland. We can upgrade PC’s and Apple Mac computers to optimise speed, increase hard drive space, provide more RAM and make your computer run more quickly & efficiently.

Internet and email setup in Auckland

We come to your place to connect you to the internet and set up your email in Auckland. New connections or new computers – we will configure your system to surf the internet and send & receive emails. We will make your internet wireless in Auckland.

Wireless router installation and configuration in Auckland

Mobile service in Auckland to provide and install your wireless router so you can surf the internet from anywhere in your home or office. Wi-Fi networks and wired networks installed and configured by highly trained and professional technicians in Auckland. Plus we setup your wireless security and antivirus & firewall protection. Wireless networks for Apple Mac computers and PC’s!

Data backup solutions in Auckland

Protect your precious photos, music and data files – a variety of backup solutions provided by Auckland computer technicians to suit your needs. Provision of backup software and training in using your backup drive in your home or office. Online backup solutions available.

Data recovery in Auckland

Assistance with recovering lost data. Our highly trained mobile technicians will use the tools available to attempt to recover lost data files. Assistance provided to set up reliable backups to protect your precious data in Auckland.

Computer troubleshooting for Auckland customers

Your computer problems solved by our mobile technicians in Auckland. PC and Mac troubleshooting to assist you with everyday computer issues in your home and office. Technical help, advice and assistance in Auckland.