Edward has been affectionately referred to as “the family geek” since he was around 12 years old, after becoming interested in tech following his father buying a family PC. Since then Edward has made it his business to learn everything he can about using and repairing computers, as well as showing other people the tricks of the trade. Edward is well versed in PC hardware and software troubleshooting, networking and email programs however teaching is what he enjoys most, as he loves helping someone get the most out of their machine.

Edward grew up down south, with most of his time spent in Christchurch until recently moving to Dunedin.  He has tried his hand at a number of different careers in an effort to find something he is passionate about, including plumbing, gasfitting and a stint in the military (which was cut short by injury), but the only interest that stayed with him over the years has been computers, which led him to join Geeks and get his IT career up and running!