Urgent Advisory: Cyber Security Attacks

As you may have seen in the news, during the weekend a ransomware cyber security attack has caused major disruption infecting over 75,000 computers in over 100 countries. See: NZ Herald article

Sadly, this incident is not isolated overseas, or just to large corporate and government departments. Also, it is highly likely there will be further cyber threats in the coming days. See: BBC News article

Every New Zealand computer user is potentially vulnerable, and we are particularly concerned for small businesses.

Therefore, we strongly urge you follow this 5 Step Check-list as soon as possible:

1.     BACKUP – When was the last time you did a full back up?

If you haven’t done so recently, please do a backup now, as this is your first line of defence if your systems were to become infected.

2.     CHECK YOUR BACKUP – How do you know your backup is actually working?

Have you ever tried to restore a file from your backup? if not, please check your backup system is doing what it is supposed to. If you use a portable hard disk drive that is more than 2 years old, it’s advisable to start using a brand new disk drive. It is also worth considering a dual backup strategy by backing up to the cloud.

3.     RUN SYSTEM UPDATES – Is your Windows / MacOS system up to date?

The biggest vulnerability in these attacks have been systems that have not run the latest updates. Please check your system is completely up to date.


Are you using good security software that is current and has a valid subscription. Please check.


Is your router running off the default settings it came with out of the box? If so, this is a vulnerability, and it should be securely setup with your own unique password, and firewall setup.

If you’re unsure of any of these steps or require professional help and assistance in ensuring you are fully protected from these vulnerabilities – we recommend you book:

Don’t delay, book an appointment now before we are fully booked.