Our Vehicles

Our Vehicle Fleet

coP110414-5The Honda Jazz has been a part of Geeks on Wheels since 2007, transporting our mobile computer technicians to the homes and businesses of technologically frustrated locals.

The Jazz was originally chosen over competitors for its low emissions and reduced running costs. It is one of the most clean & fuel efficient vehicles of its class, meeting the EURO 4 emission level and LEV II (Low Emissions Vehicle) standards.


And…coP110414-1 we are committed to technology that improves the environment we live in.

More recently, Geeks on Wheels has opted for the economical VW Polo as our vehicle of choice, with the modern and efficient TSI engine with Bluemotion, a technology designed entirely for the purpose of fuel efficiency.

In the Auckland region also, Geeks on Wheels uses the Honda HRV as a bigger, highly economical vehicle for getting our techs directly to you.

Car Naming

PacManFrom 2011 onwards, we introduced our new Geeks on Wheels logo. With such strong imagery, our cars have acquired something of a cult status in and around local communities, with people posing for photos whenever our wheels are stationary!

And now each Geeks on Wheels vehicle can be identified by a unique name that reflects a nostalgic aspect of a previous Information Technology era – from computer & gaming system names, operating system names to legendary gaming characters and well know computing acronyms.


AtariHere are a few of the different vehicle names you may see out on the roads:

Atari-STSonic, Mario, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Commodore 64

Amiga 500, ZX Spectrum, Mega Drive, Lode Runner, Apple Lisa

Apple IIe, Dreamcast, Neo Geo, Nintendo 64, Game Boy, Solaris, Tux

Acorn Arcimedies, Jet Set Willy, Newton, SNES, MS-DOS, VAX/VMS,

Duke Nukem, SEGA, DEC, Unix, Cobol, C++, Apache, Sun, Zelda,

Spyro, Namco, Pikachu, Yoshi, Falcon030, Falcon040, 68020, ZX-81