Microsoft Gets Ready to Scrap Skype Classic Once and For All


This November, Microsoft plans to stop supporting the desktop version of Skype 7.0 in a bid to move customers to the newer Skype 8.0 which is cloud based rather than application based, this means that all chat and conversations will be stored on the cloud rather than just on your home computer. Skype 7.0 or Skype Classic as it is sometimes called will be officially unsupported on November 1st and require all Skype users to update, while the mobile and tablet versions will be cut off on November 15th. The company announced the change on the Skype blog on September 27th telling users that, “Although you may be able to use older versions for a little while, we encourage you to update today to avoid any interruption.”. We absolutely agree, however if you have chat history or logs you want to save before moving to the new version, this is something we will help you with below. If you are not sure what version of Skype you have, you can do the following to check:

How can I tell what version of Skype I have?

  1. Select your profile picture.Skype
  2. Scroll down and select Help & Feedback.
  3. The Help & Feedback window will show your version information.

Skype 8.0 comes with several new features that were not present in the previous version of Skype including themes, notifications and features more akin to social media type platforms such as @mentions and reactions. As well as this a major focus of Skype 8.0 is cross-device functionality, meaning a consistent user experience across your phone, tablet, laptop and desktop PC. A full list of the upcoming changes can be found below:

What does the new Skype offer over the old Skype?:

  • Customizable themes—Choose a colour and theme that reflects your mood, personality, or time of day.
  • Chat list—Organize your contact list by time, unread, or status. Pin people or groups to have them always close at hand. To see more on your screen, change your view from standard to compact, or collapse the chat list to focus more on your content.
  • Cloud-based—Now that Skype is cloud-based, sharing files, photos, and videos is easier. Send up to 300 MB over Skype by simply dragging and dropping the file. Skype uses less battery power now that it’s in the cloud.
  • Cross-device functionality—Skype works across multiple devices: mobile, desktop, Xbox, smart speakers, and more. Your messages and content are available anywhere you have Skype installed, helping you keep in touch with people around the world.
  • Reactions—Easily express how you’re feeling by reacting to messages in conversations or during video calls. Simply click the reaction icon so everyone knows how you’re feeling.
  • @mentions—If you’d like to get someone’s attention in a group chat, type the @ symbol followed by their name to send them a notification so that they can easily respond to the message.
  • Status updates are back—Let your colleagues, friends, and family know when you are and aren’t available to chat by changing your presence, or set a mood message to share what’s going on.
  • Bots—Scoop, Hipmunk, and many more bots help you make plans and stay informed. Pull ticket pricing and seating options directly into a one-to-one or group chat with the StubHub bot. Planning a weekend getaway with old friends? Chat with the Expedia bot to check flight times and pricing.

So why should you update to the latest version of Skype?

Skype is always making improvements, such as enhanced quality, better reliability, and improved security.

Do I have to update to the latest version?

Yes. Support for Skype version 7 and below will end on November 1, 2018 on desktop devices and November 15, 2018 on mobile and tablet devices. When support ends, Skype will begin requiring updates to the latest version.

How do I view my older chat history after I update?

For Mac, Windows 7 and above, when you update the Skype application on your device, you will be able to access your chat history from the past one year. History older than a year is only stored locally on your machine and is not backed up in the cloud. We recommend that you export the history file from Skype and save it to your preferred storage location, this is something that Geeks on Wheels can help with if you are uncomfortable with this step.

To find the history file:

  1. Select the top menu  button, and then select Settings.
  2. Select Messaging.
  3. Select Export chat history.
  4. We’ll take you through the steps to export your history.

For Android and iOS, when you update the Skype application on your device, you will be able to access your chat history from the past one year. Older chat history may not be available after the update.

For Windows XP and Vista users, you will need to update your OS to Windows 7 or higher to continue using Skype on the same device. You can also sign in to Skype on a supported device.

If I have Skype on Windows XP or Vista, how can I keep my chat history?

You can export a copy of your chat history:

  1. Select Tools Options.
  2. Select Privacy.
  3. Select the Export Chat History button.
  4. Choose a location to save the file to, then select Save.

You can use the CSV file with any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel. Be aware that some content, like media files, is not exported; shared URLs and similar content is exported within XML tags; some messages may be split into separate rows due to formatting issues.


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