2017 School BYOD Laptop Guide For Primary, Secondary and Uni Students

With Schools going back we have decided to put together a New Zealand laptop buyers guide for primary, secondary and Uni students. We know you are probably full of questions and have been bombarded with the message to BYOD! Put an end to the confusion, and take a look at our top picks for laptop devices suited to your child’s age and needs in our parent’s guide.



ASUS VivoBook

Perfect for: Primary Students

Cost: $449

Don’t freak out when you see the stationery list mention the dreaded acronym: BYOD. This device is the perfect solution to your worries and it makes an outstanding addition to any little ones’ school bag.

Your primary school BYOD needs are covered with this Windows 10 device. This device will provide uncompromised performance all day long. It is designed to be used on the move and makes light work of your daily needs like working on Microsoft Office, surfing the web, playing the latest games or watching HD videos.

With a battery life of over 13 hours, it is hard to believe this device weighs less than 1kg, never slowing down when you need to move.

Compact, straightforward and affordable at only $449, this laptop is the ideal device for the curious little minds ready to dive into school.



ASUS X Series VivoBook

Perfect for: Secondary Students

Cost: $1199

As one takes the step into NZ high school education, one must also equip themselves with a new laptop that is ready to tackle the challenges ahead. A natural step up in technology for any secondary school student is the ASUS X Series version of the Vivobook. With a familiar and polished design, this device feels like home while offering some of the fastest and high-quality experiences on a laptop of its kind.

This Laptop is a must have for any high school student who is starting to take their interests and learning into their own hands. With all the Microsoft office needs, this laptop also delivers superb graphics and cutting-edge technology to go above and beyond daily computing tasks and entertainment use.


Apple MacBook Air

Apple MacBookAir

Perfect for: University Students

Cost: $1649 – $1999

Starting university is a scary and exciting next step for anyone, so why not go into it armed with the most stylish, versatile and quality laptop on the market? The Apple MacBook Air.

Apple has always been ‘the’ brand when it comes to the ideal tertiary lifestyle laptop, and for good reason. This device offers a sleek minimalist design, high-quality materials and the latest technology to stay ahead of the game when studying. As for speed, this device is not only fast, it is ‘turbo boosted’ to deliver results, load videos, download content and edit your projects within seconds. Apple products also come with an extended warranty and care program to safeguard you from any troubles, ensuring your years at study are sorted! With your choice of tech specs depending on your educational or leisure needs, Apple offers you the choice to customise their MacBook to suit you, making it a must-have for any budding student to be.

At the end of the day, you need to choose the best device for your child and equip them with a laptop that can suit their classroom needs, and we are here to help! We can supply and deliver these laptops, direct to your door. Call us today on 0800 424 335 and get one of our Geeks to give you expert guidance on the best BYOD laptops for your primary, secondary or uni student.