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ESET to Malwarebytes

We regularly review the market to ensure that, as a Geeks on Wheels customer, you have the best possible, “Geek Approved” antivirus protection available without the risk or headaches.

As a result of our latest review, we are now upgrading from ESET to Malwarebytes to help ensure your computer remains protected against vulnerabilities without degrading the performance.

To smooth the transition process, we are offering unbeatable prices on two year licences, a free transfer and a credit on the remaining (if any) term of your current licence!

Why Malwarebytes over ESET? Malwarebytes

  1. It doesn’t slow down your computer as much as many other Antivirus solutions do.
  2. Unlike ESET, it CAN block ransomware viruses.
  3. In 2017, during the rise of ransomware, all users running Malwarebytes premium for Windows were not infected by any of the major ransomware attacks and their files were unharmed.

As a loyal customer, we are able to offer the transfer at no extra charge and can do this quickly and easily over the phone. The only cost to you will be the upgraded licence. *

Please choose one of the options below and we will be in touch to book you in!

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*pricing is dependant on the credit owing to you from your existing license and will be discussed prior to booking you in.