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5 Smart Devices – The Home of the Future

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Technology in our homes is more exciting than ever. The last few years have delivered a whole range of exciting new smart devices. With Google, Amazon, and Apple all producing impressive smart devices to run almost everything in your life. Today we’ll at five smart devices changing the future of our homes.

Smart homes: Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or Apple HomeKit

It’s the ultimate first question of anyone interested in smart home technology: Amazon Alexa vs. Google Home vs. Apple HomeKit?

These are the three main choices of smart devices at the moment. Each comes with their own benefits and pitfalls. Amazon Alexa is known for its impressive connectivity to most smart devices and third-party tools. Google Assistant/Home can connect to Chromecast Smart TVs, and Apple HomeKit/Siri works seamlessly with your AppleTV unit.

Most likely, your choice at the moment will be decided by any existing technology you’re looking to connect as well. But with three giants of the digital world competing for the top spot, it’s almost certain that home assistant devices will continue to improve and impress in the future.

Smart Lights

Smart bulbs and lighting is increasingly popular in smart home automation. Either through bulbs or LED strips, smart lighting connects to your home system, and allows you to control the brightness, colour, and location of lighting in your home.

The applications of smart lights go far beyond the fact that they look great. However., you could set a strip of LED lights to gently dim in a hallway if people get up in the middle of the night. Furthermore you could access your lights through your smartphone to activate when you arrive home. Many smart lights also synchronise with music or videos playing on devices, allowing you to set them to flash or change colour in time with other media.

Smart Devices: Doorbells and Security Cameras

As people increasingly add to their home’s technology, smart security devices will replace traditional doorbells and security systems. Camera technology now features motion-detection. Also lightning-quick capture speeds. Furthermore smart doorbells can be used to identify anyone through a snapshot, which can be viewed on your phone or tablet.

Most of the smart doorbells available at the moment are inconspicuous. Yet still boast connectivity to home assistant devices. With the current trends in smart technology, it won’t be long before your home assistant is announcing the arrival of your visitors before they’ve even knocked.

Smart Devices: Plugs

Smart plugs are fantastic! They save the environment and they help reduce your power bill. Current smart plugs allow you to connect through your smartphone. You can turn on your lights, television, or any other plugged-in device remotely. If you’re going on holiday and want to make your house seem occupied, an ‘Away’ mode can set a schedule to turn on devices at make it seem as though you’re home.

The impressive feature of smart plugs is in reducing power consumption. However, you could simply disconnect all your devices before going to bed, and save on idle power consumption during the night.

Smart Thermostats

As much about health as they are comfort, smart thermostats are the touchscreen devices saving on power and creating healthier homes. With the data collected by smart thermostats, you can identify poorly ventilated rooms. You can also set specific times or temperatures for heating. Finally you can choose to only heat designated areas of your home.

On the comfort side, smart thermostats will mean always returning home to a warm house in the winter, while keeping the temperature of your home steady. This will also help reduce illness.

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