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Geek Hotline Home Subscription

Welcome to The Geek Hotline for Home

The Geek Hotline Home membership provides a whole year of expert technical support with telephone and secure remote access to Geeks on Wheels senior technical support staff. The Geek Hotline allows you to have a Geek at your fingertips 10 hours a day, five days a week. You can even get support on Saturdays!

At Geeks on Wheels, we understand that the key to increased productivity is through utilising digital devices. That’s why it can be frustrating when problems occur. For each Geek Hotline Home Membership, you will get support for up to 3 separate devices! And we can help with email issuesprinting dilemmasconnection problems, and most computer issues by securely accessing your PC. When you need immediate tech help Geeks on Wheels is just a call away.

How Does The Geek Hotline for Home Work?

Having tech issues?


Having Tech Issues?

Having technical issues or need immediate computer help?

Call us!

Call Us!

Speak to one of our friendly Hotline technicians. They can talk you through your issue or fix your computer by securely logging in.



Relax, now you can sit back and enjoy your working devices. You’ll know more about how to handle future issues too.

Geek Hotline Home Benefits:


Membership Options and Price:

1 Year Membership: $189.00

(Price includes GST)

Geek Hotline Home – What Kind of Questions You Might Want to Ask

Why does my printer disconnect all the time?

Whether you need to print off something for a young one or need to print tickets for a gig, printer/scanner issues always seem to happen at the most inconvenient times! Pick up the phone and chat to one of our friendly team and they’ll have it set up and working in no time.

My Computer won’t turn on and I want to watch my favourite TV show!

Have you got the black screen of death? We want you to remain calm, call your hotline technician and we’ll walk you through the process of sorting your issue and work quickly to find you a solution.

I think I have a virus because my computer is running really slowly 

If your computer is running really slow all of a sudden then you might have a virus – Our hotline guys will help you install or renew your antivirus and can even use integrated technology to analyze what the problem is!

Are my files backing up?

Worried about losing important memories? Call us and we’ll make sure that all of your photo’s and files are backed up.