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Your tech is our priority!

Join the Geek Club so you have more time to do what YOU do best.

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Geek+ for business

No more technical headaches. Get a fast response and unlimited help from our Geek+ Helpline experts.

Invest in Geek+ and get the best out of your devices for your business. We ensure they are running smoothly with your free health & security check.

Save money, as a member you get an exclusive discount on office visit appointments.

We are your expert IT department!

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All your IT needs in one package.

We have created the ultimate package that will have your business covered all year-round. Think unlimited help at your fingertips, top security for your devices, reduced hourly rates, a FREE and comprehensive annual health & security check and access to our community FB group for inside tech tips.



Your tech is our priority!


from $419 per year


Receive 1 x FREE 1TB Hard Drive when you first join. Data Protection & Peace of Mind!

As a member of Geek+ Premium you will receive an ADATA External HDD with 1TB of storage when you first join, usually worth $139. This allows you to get data protection for peace of mind and wellbeing. You’ll even receive at least two yearly, remote backup checks performed by the Geek Helpline experts.

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Keep your important information safe with scam & security alerts

Geek+ Premium gives you access to regular Scam & Security updates straight to your inbox so that you can keep your customer information safe. Not only that but you also get a full MalwareBytes Antivirus Subscription with your membership.

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Top Anti-Virus & Malware Security

Geek+ Premium members get access to MalwareBytes Antivirus Subscription. Watch this quick video to see how Malwarebytes keeps you secure. We pride ourselves on ensuring Geek+ Premium members get the best protection for their devices.

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from $419 per year

Geek+ is for businesses who want the best from their devices at one awesome price.

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IT support has never been this easy…


With a couple of clicks, you’re on the way to sorting out your IT!


Our Geek+ members receive a special welcome pack, delivered to your door.


If you’re not satisfied we aren’t satisfied.


Free, comprehensive health and security check for your devices.


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