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Geek Hotline Business – How It Works

What is Geek Hotline Business

The Geek Hotline Business subscription is your very own, ‘over the phone’, IT department! We provide advice and guidance from our expert, NZ based technicians giving you priority service with your IT issues. And if we can’t fix the problem over the phone, we can securely support your computer remotely and find solutions that work!

How it works!

Increased Productivity!

At Geeks on Wheels, we understand that the key to increased productivity is through utilising digital devices. That’s why it can be frustrating when problems occur. For each Geek Hotline Business Membership, you will get IT support for up to 5 separate devices! And we can help with email issuesprinting dilemmasconnection problems, and most computer issues by securely accessing your PC. When you need immediate tech help Geeks on Wheels is just a call away.

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How Does Geek Hotline Business Work?

Having tech issues?


Having Tech Issues?

Having tech issues or need immediate computer help?

Call us!

Call Us!

Speak to one of our Hotline technicians. They can talk you through your issue or fix your computer by secure remote support.



Relax now you can be more productive. You’ll know more about how to handle future issues.

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Geek Hotline Business – What You Can Ask

I’m having printer/scanner issues and I need to send a form!

Whether you’re prepping for a presentation or need to send an urgent form, printer/scanner issues always seem to happen at the most inconvenient time! Pick up the phone and chat to one of our friendly team and they’ll have it up and working again in no time.

My Computer won’t turn on and I have important work to finish! 

Are you experiencing the black screen of death? We want you to remain calm, call your hotline technician and we’ll walk you through the process of sorting your issue, quickly finding you a solution.

I think I have a virus because my computer is running really slowly.

If your computer is very slowly all of a sudden then you might have a virus – our hotline team will help you install or renew your antivirus and can even use integrated technology to analyze what the problem is!

I can’t send an important email!

Having trouble sending an email or need to transfer your old one to a new account? Stay connected with the world and let Geeks on Wheels set up your email for you.

How do I get my calendars to sync across all devices?

If you’re on the go, this can be super important. Never miss a meeting again with your calendar synced across all of your devices.

Is there a better way to share files between staff?
Whether your working from home or in the office, everyday tasks can be prolonged when you don’t know how to share files. We can show you an easier way over the phone!
What is the best backup solution?
At Geeks on Wheels we understand how important it is to have a Plan B when it comes to files. Don’t risk data loss, call us and we’ll talk you through the best option and often we can set it up for you too!

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Meet The Team

About Will

Will is one of our local Wellington Geeks but originally hails from the sunny shores of Napier. He studied at UCOL in Palmerston North and worked as an intern at Broadway Radiology. Will’s biggest strength is understanding all the parts and pieces of computers (the hardware) and keeping up with the latest technology news. When he’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen or burning off some energy with his favourite sports, he is learning languages. Will just so happens to be fluent in New Zealand sign language and is currently learning Mandarin to broaden his knowledge of other cultures.

Will describes himself as funny, focused and loyal, which we can’t help but agree with. He became a Geek because working in IT and being out and about on the road was a perfect combination of interests and skills. He did mention, however, that being an astronaut was the first goal in life, but a Geek car would suit him just right. One of Will’s favourite holiday memories was going to the USA and experiencing their gigantic food portions and taking a spin on all the theme park rides. We just hope it wasn’t at the same time.

Will is your go-to guy for all your technology needs, making those tricky computer problems a piece of cake to understand.

What our customers say about Will

Will was very professional. He solved my computer and backup problems easily. He has a friendly manner which made it easy for me to understand his computer solutions. Thanks, Cheryl Wellington

Will did a great job for us. On-time, friendly, fixed the pressing technology problems we had and provided useful suggestions for the other issues we were wondering about. Catherine and Glenn Wellington

‘Will’ came over and quickly and brilliantly sorted my PC issues. He showed me a number of highly useful tips that will make my future journeys through the Win 10 landscape that much better. Anyone who’s sent Will by ‘Geeks’ will be more than happy with his service, rest assured. Thank you, Geeks, and thank you, Will. Bill Wellington

About Ant

Ant is one of our local Wellington Geeks but he grew up in Christchurch, surrounded by a large family, with 8 nephews and nieces. He is passionate about producing electronic music and loves to perform at music events, concerts and festivals. He also enjoys a bit of swimming, sports and spending quality time with his family.

Ant has enjoyed working with technology from a young age which led him to a career working in tech support and a degree in Sonic Arts, specializing in software-based composition. He mentions that he became a geek because he wanted a job where we could help others with their technology to make life easier and so that they could unlock the full potential of their computers.

What our customers say about Ant

Ant was wonderful setting up my new PC! very efficient and friendly and would definitely recommend Geeks to everyone I know that may require IT service.

Ant was very professional and pleasant to work with – was very helpful and informative and knowledgeable. He was very thorough in carrying out the customer’s requests of “To-Dos” both onsite and in the workshop. His professional and pleasant manner made the experience of the PC changeover stress-free! Thank you very much, Ant

Appreciating the skills and expertise Ant brought to the job. Thank you!

Geek Hotline Business – When You Can Call…

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