The New Zealand Guide To TV Streaming – Amazon Prime Joins The Party.

Amazon Prime may be late to the party but it brings one of the biggest names in entertainment.

Amazon Prime has launched around the globe and it is the latest competitor to join the race of digital TV/movie streaming services in New Zealand. After scoring sizable traction in countries like the UK and the USA, Amazon Prime goes toe to toe with some of the biggest innovators and local streaming providers in the country like Netflix, Lightbox and Neon.

What is streaming?

Essentially, it is a method in which you live-download the necessary video files via your internet connection to play and enjoy your favourite TV shows and movies instantaneously (provided your internet connection is strong enough).

How do I stream videos?

This is where services like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Neon and Lightbox come in. These websites provide you with a catalogue of content where you can pick and choose what to watch when you want to watch it. All streaming website services come with the benefits of zero advertisements, total control over playback features and some even offer offline video downloads for when you are on the go. Of course, these services come at a price, and each streaming provider offers a slight variant on their payment options to try and suit you.

It should be noted that it is mandatory to have an internet connection to use video streaming services like Amazon Prime. In addition, you will also need a smart TV or an available HDMI port where you connect to streaming services through a device like the Apple TV, Google Chrome Cast or a Blu-Ray home entertainment system.

Amazon Prime

So what is Amazon Prime and what does it bring to the table?

The Amazon Prime keeps things simple and clean, making it one of the most accessible streaming services to use, especially if you have yet to make the change. Like all streaming services, it features an easy to navigate picture book menu, catalogued by genre and popularity.

The Amazon Prime comes with an extremely attractive price tag of only $2.99 per month for a six-month introductory membership. If you chose to continue beyond this period, it is only $5.99 a month which is still by far the cheapest streaming membership on the market.

The biggest draw to The Amazon Prime is its exclusive and original content. Something Netflix has been capitalising on for the past few years. Amazon, however, boasts one of the biggest shows in streaming history, making records for the most illegally downloaded show in the world. The Grand Tour, with Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May. The show alone is justifying the membership to Amazon Prime with record breaking numbers signing up to watch this exclusive show.

Unfortunately, Amazon prime currently offers a slither of what rival streaming providers present. We can only assume that is done to drip feed popular American titles and exclusive content throughout the coming months to avoid overwhelming its newfound audience and focus on its current selection.

However, what The Amazon Prime does have is quality, albeit a small dose. We appreciate the decision to value quality over quantity but with other streaming providers already offering both of these values in their own selection of content, we can’t help but wonder is it too little too late for The Amazon Prime to make a splash in the New Zealand market?

How does it compare?


Netflix was the first mover in the industry and has become the global leader and innovator in the market. With its current business model, you can choose from three pricing options to suit your lifestyle needs with its basic package rate starting at $9.99 and its premium family package at $15.99 per month. Netflix proudly holds its current reign at the top by offering a plethora of content and boasts a myriad of award-winning exclusive, original shows. The only frustration is Netflix NZ’s obvious lack of popular American titles. With Netflix USA boasting the lion’s share of content, it is a little sour to be left with only a handful of options in comparison. However, with new content being added to the catalogue every month, Netflix stays relevant and fresh, making your membership worth its weight and fantastic for the whole family.


NEON is a New Zealand streaming service that offers a fantastic selection of quality TV shows and movies with the added benefit of some local Kiwi titles and new releases. NEON Is priced at a hefty, $20 per month with a bonus free month’s trial. NEON has filled the void between you and  Video Easy by providing new release movies and TV shows with an ever updating catalogue of content to stay fresh and relevant in a fast paced market.


Lightbox is another New Zealand streaming service who’s niche is in providing the best TV shows it can import from the UK, USA and more as well as hosting local NZ talent. Lightbox has a strong selection of content for your TV viewing needs and it keeps pace with the American streaming giant Netflix, but don’t expect to see any movies on here. It is priced similar to Netflix at $12.99 per 30 days and it doesn’t waste recourses in trying to keep up with the race for the latest movies.

How can we help?

Geeks on Wheels are the experts when it comes to setting up smart TV devices. Our Geeks were some of the first to jump on the bandwagon and lead the revolution. Our technicians can skillfully set up your Smart TV to the correct settings and configurations so that you can enjoy your favourite TV shows and take control of your home entertainment with confidence. We can also provide coaching with your Smart TV as well as guidance on the best streaming service for you.

No matter the service you chose, the way in which we experience television is changing and some of your favourite shows may no longer be available on TVNZ or Satellite TV. So if you are itching to get your hands on shows like The Grand Tour or other exclusive titles, The Amazon Prime may be the right streaming service for you. So Book a Geek today to help you take control of your technology and TV watching needs.