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Auckland Computer Repair

If you’re looking for an Auckland-based team of dedicated computer technicians to help you with desktop or laptop repairs, you’ve found them! Our Auckland Geeks can come to you, covering the greater Auckland region – from Orewa to Pukekohe. For computer repair Auckland-wide, there’s no one better than Geeks on Wheels.

Booking Line

0800 424 335

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm

Appointments can be arranged for early mornings, evenings, or anytime on Saturday.

Auckland Technicians

  • Amandeep S

    About Amandeep

    From his childhood in Punjab, India, Amandeep always loved playing PC games which gave him the gusto to experiment with building and upgrading his own computer! As a result Amandeep has become a bit of an expert when it comes to the components of a computer!

    As well as building computers for gaming, Amandeep’s other strengths lie in fixing problematic Wi-Fi, and being a maestro when it comes to the latest technology.

    Outside of technology, Amandeep loves to explore different countries, make new friends, and play FPS games. He’s also keen on Sci-Fi movies and takes a special liking to cars.

    What our customers say about Amandeep
    Amandeep did a first class job for me. Was very impressed - Chris Coleman Amandeep did an amazing job refreshing my computer - Colin Reed Amandeep was just so good to us and understanding as we are in the older age bracket. What a nice young man we highly recommend him he did an excellent job - Jane & Peter Purnell
  • Jacob D

    About Jacob

    Born and raised in Auckland, Jacob has always held an interest for technology and has been honing his skills by troubleshooting his own tech issues for years. Now, he’s excited to continue his learning journey with us, while simultaneously having the opportunity to help people!

    Overall, Jacob considers his main IT strength to be his knowledge of the operating system, Windows. He’s also got a knack for anything involved with the web, such as creating and editing websites.

    Jacob has a raft of hobbies and interests and in his spare time, you’ll probably find him gaming on his custom built PC, dabbling in film and digital photography or playing the bass!

    What our customers say about Jacob
    Great service from Jacob, he was very efficient, friendly and helpful. Very pleased with the service from the first call through to the end. Many thanks for a great service - Ian Lauder
  • Jack M

    About Jack

    A pop culture aficionado with a love of computers and video games, Jack built his first PC while still in high school. Wanting to transform his hobby into a career he began working at EB Games, during which time he worked on his and his partners computer, becoming astute at troubleshooting issues if and when they arose. After 6 years with EB Games, he felt he had gone as far as he could and decided it was time to pursue a career more seriously in IT. This bought him to our attention and, with his genuine love of, and obvious knack for, everything IT, we happily took him on board!

    What our customers say about Jack
    Jack has been most helpful and solved our computer problems today, with excellent communication. Very satisfied - Chris Hawley Jack was very prompt and a courteous young man. A very good listener and assisted me with ALL I had on my list. Once again, many thanks to my wonderful Geeks - Suzanne Garner Jack M solved my printer/scanner connectivity issue and significantly enhanced our wireless strength and speeds across our home network… two wins! He was super helpful, communicated in a non-tech way so I understood what he was saying and also outlined for me several options to consider for solutions. Overall 10 out of 10. Thanks heaps Jack! - Michael Edgar
  • Chris K

    About Chris

    Hailing from the Hawkes Bay, Christopher found he was always providing IT repairs for his family and decided he may as well do that for a living. So, he secured himself a Level 3 National Certificate in Computers, an International Computer Driving License, and a Level 4 Certificate in computing from the Waikato Institute of Technology. Armed with these qualifications (and skills at finding solutions to odd issues) Christopher is always willing to go the extra mile, meaning we are now grateful our customers will have him at their disposal!

    What our customers say about Chris
    Chris was very easy to deal with, helpful and obliging - Judy Morley-Hall Chris was very helpful, speedy and had realistic recommendations. I feel a lot was achieved in my hour, thanks - Jane Holst-Larkin Chris was brilliant! He worked speedily to fix our problem and was easy to communicate with. Thank you for having a technician available on a Saturday - Dianne Driver
  • Phil S

    About Phil

    Phil has had a fascination with technology for years. This stemmed from a childhood of wanting to know how things worked and pulling them apart (with varied success in getting them back together in the beginning!).

    Phil worked in the telecommunications industry for many years, focusing on broadband and data. In recent years he has been living in the UK working in an IT support role, and has recently returned back to Auckland. If you get a chance, ask him about traveling and some of the places he has been over the last 8 years while living in the UK.

    Phil is a Microsoft software and operating system expert, and is particularly strong in PC and laptop repairs.

    What our customers say about Phil
    I am always delighted with the service. Phil upgraded my laptop to Windows 10 but also ensured I had no extraneous data on the PC - Ruth Turnbull Firstly the 0800 link is excellent, courteous and helpful. I expected to be in a queue with a wait of at least 3-4 days but was pleasantly surprised to get the job done the same afternoon that I booked. Well done and I would recommend your services to anyone in the retirement village. Thank you Phil and all the team - Ron Anderson I am very pleased with the response and work completed by Phil. He has been a life saver! - Christine Bone
  • Sashika F

    About Sashika

    Growing up in Sri Lanka, Sashika had a childhood dream of becoming a software engineer and travelling to New Zealand. Combined with his passion for the tech field, it’s no wonder Sashika found his true calling at Geeks on Wheels!

    Sashika describes himself as a well organised and dependable person with a fun and creative side. His dedication for tech goes along with his technical skills in systems such as T24 and Finacle.

    Off the road, Sashika’s interests lie in gaming, chess and football. He enjoys going out, living life to the fullest and he’s always up for a new experience! Sashika has fond memories of visiting Mount Ruapehu last Winter with his wife and even rates his experience as “Awesome!”

    What our customers say about Sashika
    Sashika was very good in communicating what the problems were, lovely young man. Fixed the issue and also advised on upgrading our Wi-Fi - Elaine Teleiai Absolutely delighted with service and very appreciative of being able to get help so quickly. Sashika very helpful and explained everything that I needed to understand. A very courteous, friendly and patient young man - Ariell Vautier Sashika was amazing! He was professional, knowledgeable and efficient. We are very grateful for his assistance today! - Kathryn McCahill
  • Alex J

    About Alex

    Alex loves everything tech! As a kid growing up in Hamilton, Alex had a dream of buying a van, going to people’s houses and fixing their computers. So, already being a Geek at heart, it only made sense for Alex that she become a professional Geek with us, at Geeks on Wheels!

    Alex believes there’s no such thing as an unfixable problem making her a relentless problem solver and an excellent trouble-shooter. Tech skills aside, Alex is a fun, attentive and friendly person who loves helping people.

    When not out on the road fixing your tech, you might find Alex gaming, getting excited about shiny new tech or working hard at the gym.

    What our customers say about Alex
    Alex was fantastic for me. Very efficient and fast. Extremely patient and just perfect in her manner as well as her work - Jane Pendleton Alex was very helpful and easy to discuss the issues with - was lovely to have a woman attend today. Was very patient and advice extremely helpful - Shona flood Alex was a joy to work with - professional, keen sense of humour and did a great job setting up my new laptop and giving helpful advice. Many thanks! - Sue Macdonald
  • Vaughan W

    About Vaughan

    With a natural affinity for technology (possibly due to living with a family without that affinity), Vaughan is a perfect fit for Geeks on Wheels. Having always tinkered with tech Vaughan developed a wide skillset in the IT field and, after working on his, and his family’s technology over the last ten years, and getting a Bachelor of Software Engineering, he feels he may as well now get paid to do what he loves.

    Describing himself as a stereotypical nerd he may however be more capable than you imagine as, along with building his own PC and being able to code in multiple types of software, Vaughan is also a black belt in Taekwondo and represented NZ in the World Taekwondo Champs in Dublin in 2017!

    What our customers say about Vaughan
    Vaughan arrived right on time. Put in my Wifi, and was all finished within the hour. Very pleasant young man. I believe he has only been with you a short time, but I think should prove to be a good assistant - Barbara Hadfield Really happy with the service I got from Geeks on Wheels today. Vaughan was super friendly and knowledgeable, happy to answer any questions I had and go through the various options for fixing or replacing my ailing machine. Will very happily use the company again for future IT issues - Tanja Gardner Vaughan was very knowledgeable, quiet and efficient. A nice nice guy. He was almost disappointed that he fixed my problem in only nine minutes! Thanks GOW - Ian Garmey
  • Lafi A

    About Lafi

    Born and raised in Auckland, Lafi has loved fixing hardware and software issues since he was 16 years old. Describing himself as an efficient learner and problem solver he responds quickly to challenging technical problems and loves helping others with their IT challenges.

    Lafi also gets a lot of pleasure out of building and fixing cars and grew up wanting to be a race car driver. His favourite colour is blue, he loves the movie Jumper, and is a keen gamer who, unsurprisingly, loves racing games!

    What our customers say about Lafi
    Lafi arrived a bit late due to traffic, it's a horrible day so that was OK I was expecting a bit of delay. He TXT me so I knew where he was and ETA. I had a list for him and he went through everything (AND MORE) for me. He even prompted me to see if I had a GOLD CARD, I do, so got an unexpected discount which was lovely. He is a very nice young man and would love to have him help me in future. All the best Lafi, hope you get a new motorcycle real soon. Ta Peggy. PS. Just had to share the photo of me and my motorcycle... - Peggy O'Neal Stellar service right from initial contact. Lafi was super helpful & all issues resolved. Would have no hesitation in using service again or recommending to others. Thanks Guys - Ann Richardson Lafi from Geeks arrived on time, was very knowledgeable and polite. I bought a new Mac Pro as the old Mac Pro hard drive was failing, due to the age of the old Mac the transfer of data, particularly photos, was difficult. Lafi solved all the transfer problems efficiently. Highly recommend Geeks on Wheels, this was the second time I have used them and both times I have been very satisfied with their work ethic and results - Peter Buck
  • Julianne V

    About Julianne

    Although born in Johannesburg, South Africa, Julianne grew up on the North Shore in Auckland using a computer for most of her life. However, her real passion for building and fixing computers only really began a few years ago in lockdown where she spent her free time watching Linus Tech Tips.

    This new passion then lead Julianne to start her degree in Computer Science, which she recently graduated from. To advance and apply these newly learnt skills, she thought Geeks on Wheels would be a great environment to grow in!

    Julianne’s strengths lie in hardware, problem-solving and she refers to herself as a pro gamer! Outside of tech she enjoys singing, cars and making people laugh.

    What our customers say about Julianne
    Thanks, Julianne, excellent service. Prompt, professional and extremely patient - John Julianne was personable and easy to talk to. She gave me the right steps to take next - Sally Vince Julianne is outstanding, brilliant and very helpful. Very knowledgeable, answered all random IT questions. Will definitely recommend Julianne/Geeks on Wheels to all my friends. Thank you - Sarah Johnson

Services provided by the Auckland Geeks on Wheels

Mobile computer repairs and support in the Auckland Region

We come directly to you in order to help provide service and support for all of your computer problems. Our highly trained technicians can troubleshoot all PC and Apple Mac problems, and make system health checks to ensure your computer is running as fast as it can. This could include software updates, hardware checkups and virus scans.

Virus protection & spyware removal for Auckland customers

Geeks on Wheels provides fast virus and spyware removal in Auckland. We ensure that you have the latest in anti-virus protection and spyware removal software installed on your PC or Mac, and can fully scan any system for viruses and spyware, in order to remove threats quickly.

PC & Mac repairs and service in Auckland

Need MacBook repairs? Geeks on Wheels work with both Microsoft Windows PCs and Apple Mac OSX. We have specialty Apple Mac technicians in Auckland. Software updates, hardware checkups and virus scans give your system a health check to make your computer run as fast as it should be.

New computer setup in the Auckland Region

We can come to you to set up your new PC or Apple Mac computer. Whether you need us at your home or office, our technicians can install all necessary programs and peripherals, and set up your Internet and email services. They can also transfer the data from your old computer, and erase all information on it, ready for sale or disposal.

Computer upgrades within Auckland

We can upgrade PCs and Apple Mac computers to optimise speed, increase hard-drive space, provide more RAM, and make your computer run quickly & efficiently.

Internet and email setup in Auckland

We come to your place to connect you to the Internet, and set up your email in Auckland, for both new connections and new computers. Whether you have a new connection, new computer, or need to make the transition from Ethernet to wireless, our Geeks can help you.

Wireless router installation and configuration in Auckland

We provide a mobile service in Auckland to install your wireless router, so you can surf the Internet from anywhere in your home or office. Wi-Fi networks and wired networks can be installed and configured by our highly trained and professional technicians. Not to mention we can set up your wireless security, anti-virus & firewall protection, no matter what operating system you’re running!

Data backup solutions in Auckland

Protect your precious photos, music and data files – we provide a variety of backup solutions to suit your needs. Training on using your home or office backup drive can be provided along with the software or hardware. We even have online backup solutions available.

Data recovery in Auckland

Need assistance with recovering lost data? Our highly trained mobile technicians will use the tools available to attempt to recover lost data files. Assistance provided to set up reliable backups to protect your precious data in Auckland.

Computer troubleshooting for Auckland customers

Our PC and Mac troubleshooting include assisting you with everyday computer issues in your home and office. Technical help, advice and assistance in Auckland.

For the best in Auckland computer repair, talk to Geeks on Wheels!


For the best Auckland computer repair there is, talk to our friendly Geeks. No matter what the issue, we can come to you! Give us a call today!