Auckland Computer Repair

Our team of expert Computer Technicians based in Auckland are here to fix whatever headaches you’re having with your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV, wi-fi or anything else tech-related! Best of all, we come to you, covering the greater Auckland region – from Orewa to Pukekohe. For Auckland Computer Repair, there’s no one better than Geeks on Wheels.

Booking Line

0800 424 335 or
(09) 974 3300

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 8:30am - 4pm

Appointments can be arranged for early mornings, evenings, or anytime on Saturday.

Auckland Technicians

  • Brian

    About Brian

    Brian became a Geek at Geeks on Wheels as he wanted to be able to share the knowledge he has of computers with other people. He has completed a Diploma in IT at Manukau Institute of Technology, and previously worked for a computer refurbishing company fixing faulty components.

    You will notice Brian still has a hint of a South African accent as he was originally from Johannesburg. In his spare time he enjoys movie making, staying up to date with the latest technology, and playing around with radio controlled monster trucks.

    If your technology is causing you hassle then get Brian in today!

    What our customers say about Brian
    Brian is so professional and always manages to solve our computer issues no matter how tricky. Thanks so much. Fantastic service from a thoroughly nice chap. Easy to talk to and very determined to sort a complicated problem. Would highly recommend to friends and colleagues. BrianC was friendly, helpful, knowledgeable and patient. My son has been making things on his 3D printer non-stop and both of my children have been raving about Brian since he left! Brian included them in the process and made it fun and educational. Thank you for such a professional and reliable service, from start to finish. I have joined up for the year and know that my business is in safe hands.
  • Phil

    About Phil

    Phil has had a fascination with technology for years. This stemmed from a childhood of wanting to know how things worked and pulling them apart (with varied success in getting them back together in the beginning!).

    Phil worked in the telecommunications industry for many years, focusing on broadband and data. In recent years he has been living in the UK working in an IT support role, and has recently returned back to Auckland. If you get a chance, ask him about traveling and some of the places he has been over the last 8 years while living in the UK.

    Phil is a Microsoft software and operating system expert, and is particularly strong in PC and laptop repairs.

    What our customers say about Phil
    Great firm to deal with. Phil is a patient gentle man very accommodating & explained everything being done in every day language that a technophobic could understand. Nothing was too much trouble I would have no hesitation calling this firm again to sort out any more problems the world of technology 'throws' at us. Kindest thanks Sue M I was very impressed with the service from Geeks on Wheels and would recommend their services to anyone in need of technical assistance. Phil was very personable and informative. Phil tweeked and synced our new fibre network and answered all my questions about it. He then had a look at other equipment like our printer and tablets. He had a quick Squizz at our home theatre and although unable to fix a problem we are having with it, was able to confirm what the problem is. It was like having the cleaners in, now all the technics are bright and sparkling again. Steve Fowler Thanks to Phil from Geeks on wheels. Very nice to deal with, very swift and good service. Money well spent. Highly recommended.
  • Julian

    About Julian

    If you need a mobile phone expert, Julian is your man! He owned and operated a mobile phone business in Kaitaia for many years, until finally deciding to move home to Auckland.

    While computers are his first love, Julian is also passionate about outdoor activities such as skiing, sailing and fire dancing. But his biggest obsession is speed skating, in which he recently came 2nd in the Auckland regional competition! His proudest speed skating moment was hitting just under 110km/hr down a hill! Perhaps you could challenge him to a race sometime.

    Julian has always been fascinated by all things techie, particularly gadgets from older generations.

    What our customers say about Julian
    Great service and lots of laughs! Will definitely call on Julian again. Julian once again showed me patience and successfully cleared up my problems. I will ask for him again if I need someone. Thanks Julian. Julian arrived early and listened carefully. Solved the many issues I had and showed me a few helpful things to do. I've used Geeks on Wheels for many years and always been happy. David Auckland
  • Ben

    About Ben

    Ben is currently living in Mount Wellington in Auckland and has recently completed his diploma in software development. Ben became a Geek because of his passion for problem-solving and love of technology. The two went together quite nicely, as well as getting to be amongst people, helping them out with what they think is the ‘impossible’.

    Ben’s dream job was to be an author and that soon developed into a love of sketching, board game stories and of course, videogames. If there was one place in the world he would go it would be to France. His mother is a talented French teacher and Ben mentions that being constantly surrounded by the language and culture he has grown a love for the country.

    Ben is a very quick learner and loves to pick up new skills wherever possible. The fun of technology is seeing it constantly evolve, which means he is developing new skills every day.

    What our customers say about Ben
    You can send Ben to me anytime. He knew what he was doing and did it fast. He was also early/on-time which counts with me! Very pleasant young man too. These guys are awesome. Ben visited, arrived on time, was quick and got the job done. I required further assistance as few days later and Ben was amazing. Thanks guys. Hemi Auckland Very impressed by Ben's knowledge, skill, patience, and courtesy. A credit to Geeks on Wheels and to himself.
  • Peter

    About Peter

    Growing up in Te Awamutu, Peter learnt his trade by being the only one in his family who understood computers. He soon started building them for his friends, and eventually went to university to perfect his skills. He’s a true problem solver, and lists one of his talents as setting up home routers.

    When not playing computer games, he can be found playing field hockey, or sweating it out at the gym. He won’t say no to a bit of adventure – straight after his last exam, he hot-footed it all the way to Queenstown to take in the views.

    His brother taught him how to service cars, so he’s a useful Geek to know!

    What our customers say about Peter
    I would like to thank Peter from Geeks on Wheels for the wonderful help he has given me. He was so patient and took time to explain everything to me. Caroline Auckland
  • Phil

    About Phil

    Ex-NZDF, Phil has spent a good 20 years helping the NZ armed forces figure out their technology, helping to find solutions to issues around such subjects as networks, electronics and project management. After deployments in Papua New Guinea and the Arabian Gulf, he has plans to experience a Safari in Africa and the ancient ruins in South America.

    Acting the fool with his son, the boss with the cat, and a lieutenant to his partner Amy, Phil knows his place in his family. Running marathons and tramping in the bush are his medicines of choice when it all gets too much!

    He’s a “general all-round nice guy” (his words), with tons of IT experience, so don’t be shy when it comes to asking him about your issues.

  • Campbell

    About Campbell

    A self-confessed food-lover and self-certified Geek, Campbell loves all things sci-fi. His degree in Software Engineering helps a bit on that score too. Although he had aspirations of becoming a magician when he was younger, his love of computers took over, and he now relishes the logical trials they present.

    Easy-going and thoughtful, Campbell loves hanging out with friends and discovering new areas of his beloved Auckland. If time allows, he would love to discover more of Europe and Japan, as a long holiday to California and Las Vegas when he was younger cemented his appreciation of the world.

    What our customers say about Campbell
    Campbell is always on time, polite and eager to please. He goes out of his way to ensure you are left happy with the service and nothing seems a problem to him. Great service!!! Christine Auckland Campbell sorted out my MacBook problems today as well as installing ESET and backups on my Microsoft PC. Excellent service, explained everything and very helpful and knowledgeable. I have used GoW several times and have always been impressed with their professionalism and service. Highly recommended. Thanks! Winsome Auckland Thank you Campbell for getting us set up with a new email platform and Office 365. It was effortless and done with good humour as well. Also thanks to Paul for helping us out on the phone this morning. It is all working well for us now. Thanks again. You guys are the best. Boat Books Auckland
  • Riley

    About Riley

    A rugby-watching, Mini-driving gym king, Riley is a committed Aucklander with a light-hearted view of the inevitable rush hour traffic jams. But as he proved on a recent trip to the Philippines and Hong Kong, where he spent his time sight-seeing, relaxing on beaches and shopping with his mates, this Geek knows how to seriously relax.

    The go-to Geek for family computer troubles, Riley has decided to share his knowledge further. On his university course, he created a smart security system for homes as part of his final year exams, and passed with flying colours. He is particularly good at website design.

    His beloved dog is a Schnauzer called Oz. He also has a gorgeous baby niece.

  • Kevin

    About Kevin

    This daring but easy-going Geek gets his kicks from both adrenaline sports and helping others to master their technology. He’s also a dab hand at the drums and loves to practice whenever he gets the chance.
    Kevin has years of experience in all sorts of IT-related roles, with qualifications to match. He has become a Geek to utilise his outgoing, confident personality and reliable skills. Originally from a large, supportive family in South Africa, he owes his charm and determination to his mum.

    A fan of many films including the Harry Potters, Inception, and Lord of the Rings, Kevin enjoys extending his cultural knowledge and has plans on visiting Germany and Tokyo.

    What our customers say about Kevin
    Kevin called today. I am very pleased with the work and also the positive suggestions he gave me, to the M-A-N-Y questions I asked him. This has been both an excellent and productive time that I have spent with Kevin. Thank you for all that you do.! Tom Shepherd. Auckland Kevin from Geeks is awesome. Hannah Auckland I found Kevin excellent. Couldn't be more pleased that I contacted Geeks on Wheels. Gilly Auckland
  • Manny

    About Manny

    Manny has been in the I.T. industry for over a decade now. He has a wide range of knowledge with computers and home tech & understands a wide range of different systems, a perfect fit for the diverse encounters on the job.

    He was born and raised in the Philippines & is the youngest child of 5 siblings. Manny is very close to his extended family but decided it would be best to move to New Zealand to pursue further I.T. studies and settle here in Auckland with his wife and daughter.

    What our customers say about Manny
    Manny was Fantastic and very knowledgable. He made sure I was completely aware of what needed to be done and what he had done off site. Thanks so much for all the help. Teresa Auckland Manny came on time, and then worked really hard to resolve the issues with our wireless network. He did a great job and now we are 100% up and running again. Thanks Manny, thanks Geeks On Wheels - really good work!! Andrew Auckland Manny arrived on time and his friendly nature was immediately apparent. A quick appreciation of the modem problem was gained and quickly rectified. Time then allowed a thorough assessment of computer health with necessary corrections. I would have no hesitation in seeking again, his skilled help if required. Howard Auckland
  • Phillip

    About Phillip

    Phillip grew up in small-town Canterbury & he has always had a passion for I.T. Phillip sites his enthusiasm for I.T beginning from watching his big brother work on computers & gadgets at home.

    As well as his interest in I.T. Phillip is an avid gym goer, has a sweet tooth for fruit buns & enjoys sailing out in the Auckland Harbour when the weather permits it. His dream growing up was to be a computer programmer, so Geeks on Wheels fits perfectly for Phillip!

    What our customers say about Phillip
    Phillip was a pleasure to work with. His work was excellent and I wish we could have him living next door!!! I will have no hesitation in using his services again. Bob Auckland Had Phillip here to fix total genius!!! Peter Auckland Phillip is very professional and efficient with great knowledge with IT problems.Would highly recommend for all computer issues. Graeme Auckland

Services provided by the Auckland Geeks on Wheels

Mobile Computer Repairs and support in the Auckland region

Get mobile computer repairs and support in Auckland. We come to you fast to help repair and provide service & support for all of your computer problems in Auckland. Highly trained technicians can troubleshoot all PC and Apple Mac problems. System health checks to make your computer run as fast as it can – include software updates, hardware check-ups and virus scan.

Virus protection & spyware removal for Auckland customers

Fast virus and spyware removal in Auckland – we travel to you. We ensure that you have the latest in anti-virus protection and spyware removal software installed on your PC or Mac. All systems fully scanned for viruses and spyware with any threats removed quickly.

PC & Mac repairs and service in Auckland

Geeks on Wheels will service all types of computers – both Microsoft Windows PC’s and Apple Mac OSX. We have specialty Apple Mac trained technicians in Auckland. Software updates, hardware check-ups and virus scans give your system a health-check to make your computer run as fast as it should be.

New computer set-up in the Auckland region

We come to you to set up your new PC or Apple Mac computer. We travel to your home or office to set up all systems and peripherals in Auckland. Our technicians will install all programs, setup internet and email on your new computer. They can also transfer the data from your old computer and erase all information ready for sale or disposal.

Computer upgrades within Auckland

Mobile service to upgrade your computer in Auckland. We can upgrade PC’s and Apple Mac computers to optimise speed, increase hard drive space, provide more RAM and make your computer run more quickly & efficiently.

Internet and email setup in Auckland

We come to your place to connect you to the internet and set up your email in Auckland. New connections or new computers – we will configure your system to surf the internet and send & receive emails. We will make your internet wireless in Auckland.

Wireless router installation and configuration in Auckland

Mobile service in Auckland to provide and install your wireless router so you can surf the internet from anywhere in your home or office. Wi-Fi networks and wired networks installed and configured by highly trained and professional technicians in Auckland. Plus we setup your wireless security and antivirus & firewall protection. Wireless networks for Apple Mac computers and PC’s!

Data backup solutions in Auckland

Protect your precious photos, music and data files – a variety of backup solutions provided by Auckland computer technicians to suit your needs. Provision of backup software and training in using your backup drive in your home or office. Online backup solutions available.

Data recovery in Auckland

Assistance with recovering lost data. Our highly trained mobile technicians will use the tools available to attempt to recover lost data files. Assistance provided to set up reliable backups to protect your precious data in Auckland.

Computer troubleshooting for Auckland customers

Your computer problems solved by our mobile technicians in Auckland. PC and Mac troubleshooting to assist you with everyday computer issues in your home and office. Technical help, advice and assistance in Auckland.