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Tauranga Computer Repair

Tauranga’s Mobile Computer Repair

Tauranga’s mobile computer repair service is here to help. Our team of expert Computer Technicians based in Tauranga are here to fix whatever headaches you’re having with your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV, wi-fi or anything else tech-related! Best of all, we come to you, covering the greater Tauranga region – from Waihi Beach to Paengaroa. For Tauranga Computer Repair, there’s no one better than Geeks on Wheels.

Book a Geek 

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Booking Line

0800 424 335

Hours of Operation

Tuesday-Saturday 8-6pm

Appointments can be arranged for early mornings and evenings.

Tauranga Technicians

  • Mike

    About Mike

    Mike comes from a sales background, giving him an adaptability and client-focused approach that works very well at Geeks on Wheels. He understands that a lot of our customers don’t have much technical experience so it is vital they feel comfortable and confident when using their technology, and that he leaves a lasting impression by improving their life however he can.

    Several years ago, Mike left South Africa to build a new life in New Zealand but, due to the incredible wildlife and scenery of his homeland, he still believes it is one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

    What our customers say about Mike
    Very knowledgeable, very good in explaining, very calm and patient. And by being able to request the same "geek" (Mike) this makes it so much better, because having the same "geek" every time, you don't need to explain again the same things. In my case the whole computer was a shambles, as my husband Terry has been in Tauranga hospital for almost 2 months, I really needed help on a big scale. I contacted Geeks call centre for help after having ongoing problems with Vodafone, following a move from Wellington to Tauranga. I was quickly starting to lose my patience and sanity. Mike(Tauranga)responded and, without exaggerating, was my life saver. He patiently resolved the rather complex connectivity issues in my home and successfully managed to get Vodafone to complete my fibre connection and broadband plan, something they had failed to do as per my request a month earlier. Thank you Geeks and thank you Mike. Your team never let me down. Mike P performed a complete service on my computer and I am very pleased with the results. Thank you!
  • Donovan

    About Donovan

    A family man with a wife and 9-year-old son Donovan comes to us by way of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. An avid surfer with a love of the outdoors he spent several years in South Africa working for an IT company as a Level 1 and Level 2 support technician. Bringing this wealth of technical experience with him, Donovan is very excited to be joining us at Geeks on Wheels. He feels the great work culture here aligns well with his desire to create meaningful and sincere relationships with other people. Definitely our kind of guy!

Services provided by the Tauranga Geeks on Wheels

Mobile Computer Repairs and support in the Tauranga region

Get mobile computer repairs and support in Tauranga. We come to you fast to help repair and provide service & support for all of your computer problems in Tauranga. Highly trained technicians can troubleshoot all PC and Apple Mac problems. System health checks to make your computer run as fast as it can – include software updates, hardware check-ups and virus scan.

Virus protection & spyware removal for Tauranga customers

Fast virus and spyware removal in Tauranga – we travel to you. We ensure that your computer is up to date with the latest anti-virus and spyware protection software supplied and installed on your PC. All systems are fully screened for viruses or spyware & any threats to your computers health are removed quickly.

PC & Mac repairs and service in Tauranga 

Geeks on Wheels will service all types of computers – both Microsoft Windows PC’s and Apple Mac OSX. We have specialty Apple Mac trained technicians in Tauranga. Software updates, hardware check-ups and virus scans give your system a health-check to make your computer run as fast as it should be.

New computer set-up in the Tauranga region

We come to you to set up your new PC or Apple Mac computer. We travel to your home or office to set up all systems and peripherals in Tauranga. Our technicians will install all programs, setup internet and email on your new computer. They can also transfer the data from your old computer and erase all information ready for sale or disposal.

Computer upgrades within Tauranga

Mobile service to upgrade your computer in Tauranga. We can upgrade PC’s and Apple Mac computers to optimise speed, increase hard drive space, provide more RAM and make your computer run more quickly & efficiently.

Internet and email setup in Tauranga

We come to your place to connect you to the internet and set up your email in Tauranga. New connections or new computers – we will configure your system to surf the internet and send & receive emails. We will make your internet wireless in Tauranga.

Wireless router installation and configuration in Tauranga

Mobile service in Tauranga to provide and install your wireless router so you can surf the internet from anywhere in your home or office. Wi-Fi networks and wired networks installed and configured by highly trained and professional technicians in Tauranga. Plus we setup your wireless security and antivirus & firewall protection. Wireless networks for Apple Mac computers and PC’s!

Data backup solutions in Tauranga

Protect your precious photos, music and data files – a variety of backup solutions provided by Tauranga computer technicians to suit your needs. Provision of backup software and training in using your backup drive in your home or office. Online backup solutions available.

Data recovery in Tauranga

Assistance with recovering lost data. Our highly trained mobile technicians will use the tools available to attempt to recover lost data files. Assistance provided to set up reliable backups to protect your precious data in Tauranga.

Computer troubleshooting for Tauranga customers

Your computer problems solved by our mobile technicians in Tauranga. PC and Mac troubleshooting to assist you with everyday computer issues in your home and office. Technical help, advice and assistance in Tauranga.