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Wellington Computer Repair

We offer an affordable service at a flat rate anywhere in the Wellington region. Appointments can be arranged for early mornings, evenings, or anytime on Saturday. Geeks on Wheels cover the Wellington region, including the Hutt Valley & Kapiti Coast to Waikanae. Our team of expert Computer Technicians based in Wellington are here to fix whatever headaches you’re having with your computer, phone, tablet, smart TV, wi-fi or anything else tech-related! Best of all, we come to you.

For Wellington Computer Repair, there’s no one better than Geeks on Wheels.

Please note that the drop in service at our Kilbirnie Head Office is no longer operating.

Booking Line

0800 424 335

Hours of Operation

Monday-Friday: 8am - 6pm
Saturday: 8am - 4pm

Appointments can be arranged for early mornings, evenings, or anytime on Saturday.

Wellington Technicians

  • Peter

    About Peter

    Peter has always had an interest in IT and his childhood dream was to be Iron Man. With a Diploma in Web Development combined with a background in customer service, he does his best to create a positive experience for customers by communicating technical jargon in a way that is easy for everyone to understand. He is well practiced in the art of customer service and knows how to whip up a great cup of coffee in seconds flat!

    In his spare time, Peter likes to stay active by hitting the gym or going for walks around the bay with friends. He is a lover of music, magic tricks, and animals.

  • Will

    About Will

    Will is one of our local Wellington Geeks but originally hails from the sunny shores of Napier. He studied at UCOL in Palmerston North and worked as an intern at Broadway Radiology. Will’s biggest strength is understanding all the parts and pieces of computers (the hardware) and keeping up with the latest technology news. When he’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen or burning off some energy with his favourite sports, he is learning languages. Will just so happens to be fluent in New Zealand sign language and is currently learning Mandarin to broaden his knowledge of other cultures.

    Will describes himself as funny, focused and loyal, which we can’t help but agree with. He became a Geek because working in IT and being out and about on the road was a perfect combination of interests and skills. He did mention however, that being an astronaut was the first goal in life, but a Geek car would suit him just right. One of Will’s favourite holiday memories was going to the USA and experiencing their gigantic food portions and taking a spin on all the theme park rides. We just hope it wasn’t at the same time.

    Will is your go-to guy for all your technology needs, making those tricky computer problems a piece of cake to understand.

    What our customers say about Will
    Will was very professional. He solved my computer and backup problems easily. He has a friendly manner which made it easy for me to understand his computer solutions. Thanks Cheryl Wellington Will did a great job for us. On time, friendly, fixed the pressing technology problems we had and provided useful suggestions for the other issues we were wondering about. Catherine and Glenn Wellington 'Will' came over and quickly and brilliantly sorted my PC issues. He showed me a number of highly useful tips that will make my future journeys through the Win 10 landscape that much better. Anyone who's sent Will by 'Geeks' will be more than happy with his service, rest assured. Thank you, Geeks, and thank you, Will. Bill Wellington
  • Heath Campbell

    About Heath

    Growing up in Hawkes Bay, Heath has been interested in IT since the days of Windows ’98. After moving to Wellington in 2014 he worked as a heavy diesel mechanic before starting work as a technician upgrading customers to 4G modems for Vector. Being honest and helpful to clients is clearly a big deal for Heath so we are very happy to welcome him to the Geeks on Wheels family! Outside of work he enjoys gaming and the gym and is particularly fond of the TV series Lucifer.

  • Harry


    About Harry

    Harry comes to us with a wealth of IT knowledge and experience. Born in India, he has a Bachelor of Computer Science, worked as an Apple service technician for a year (he’s a certified iOS and Mac technician) and can code in multiple programming languages. Harry also loves riding sports bikes and is a big fan of V8 Muscle Cars, the Ford Mustang being one of his favourites.

    What our customers say about Harry
    Harry is fab! Competent and supportive and very pleasant to work with, thanks Lesley Wellington As usual happy with the service provided, Harry was great to deal with and set up my new computer with the minimum of fuss and a day early which was much appreciated, Thanks so much for your help with our computer issues. Harry was courteous, polite and efficient. He explained everything clearly and worked away quietly and steadily at diagnosing and fixing the problems. Highly recommended.
  • JP


    About JP

    Having come to Geeks on Wheels after three years working with Uniway Computer Assessments, Jimson (known as JP) brings a wealth of IT experience with him. Born in Auckland he not only loves computers but is also a big fan of aviation history and naval warfare (his favourite movie is Top Gun). In fact, had he not chosen a career in IT, JP would probably have joined the Navy.

    What our customers say about JP
    Amazing service and very professional. Excellent service, knowledgeable individual, good listening skills on time personable very articulate able to explain the intricacies of my laptop to me
  • Gurinder

    About Gurinder

    We would like to list Gurinder’s IT education, but it would take up too much space here! Suffice to say he has at least one Bachelor, multiple diplomas and enough experience to shake a stick at (whatever that means!). Either way, we are excited to have him on our team as one of our techs. He is a patient and methodical chap who loves engaging with clients and brings a wealth of knowledge to every customer he helps. Outside of work Gurinder thoroughly enjoys producing his own music, loves to play cricket and has a favourite quote that we’re quite fond of: if you cannot do great things, do small things in great ways.

  • Kevin

    About Kevin

    Hailing from South Africa, Kevin (The Dark Knight) Govender is what we would call a returning favourite. Having worked for Geeks on Wheels previously, Kevin left to pursue opportunities elsewhere before realising he missed us too much! An IT specialist in multiple disciplines we are very happy to have him back as he provides great service, using his skill set to help our customers feel comfortable and empowered by their tech. When he’s not on the job Kevin can be found engaging in a plethora of extra-curricular activities including motorbike riding, drumming, bodyboarding and most recently, boxing.

  • Carl

    About Carl

    A romantic at heart, Carl proposed to his girlfriend on the Gold Coast in Queensland three years ago, and they now have a young daughter. Italy would be his dream destination though because of all the delicious pasta and pizza. He prides himself on his Geek knowledge, having grown up among computers on the family farm in Christchurch, but he made the move to Wellington when he realised there was a lot more opportunity in the capital city. When growing up he wanted to be a fireman, but now he knows his skills lie in helping others realise the potential of technology in everyday life.

    What our customers say about Carl
    Carl did everything on the list and I am delighted with the result. I would use Geeks on Wheels again without hesitation. Thank you for your assistance - it has given an old duck the confidence to carry on! I’m very grateful. Couldn't have asked for anybody better to fix my computer. Carl made the whole process seem so easy. Very nice guy to deal with.
  • Rohan

    About Rohan

    “If you can’t explain something simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” Albert Einstein. And so begins the bio-blurb of Rohan Mehta. Originally from Mumbai in India Rohan clearly understands and believes this quote as it is at the forefront of his desire to help Geeks on Wheels clients. Rohan keeps it simple and straightforward so you not only know what he is doing but also, how you can help yourself down the line. And with a Diploma in Information Technology and a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology Majoring in Networking, he is well prepared to provide excellent assistance. To relax he spends a lot of time at the beach loves tramping and more recently has started learning to play the guitar!

  • Andy Hoey

    About Andy

    Andy is one of our brilliant Geek Hotline techs. Post lockdown he transitioned from a road tech to a hotline tech and we love having him at HQ! He is Upper Hutt born and bred, and loving life while living on his lifestyle block with his partner, looking after their horses and 2 cats! In addition to living a life of luxury, he is a massive fan of Sci-Fi movies, real-time strategy games, PC and Playstation. Andy has a strong IT background, with experience in IT logistics and mobile sales. He has also dabbled in 3D visual effects and graphic design and has even done 3D modelling projects that have been included in movies! That’s definitely something to ask him about while you are waiting for a virus scan to complete!⁠


    What our customers say about Andy
    One of the things I really like about Geeks is that they ask questions to understand what it is you want or need and then work out a solution to meet your needs, rather than try and sell you something. We now have fantastic wifi coverage over the whole house. The other thing I like is that they make things simple and clear so you know how to manage things after they have left. Great work. Andy has helped us out twice now with problems. We have happily put our trust with Andy and Geeks. Job well done Andy. Really great service. Turned up on time, friendly, informative and helpful all the way through the visit, resolved issues and clearly explained what he was doing all the way through.
  • Ant

    About Ant

    Ant is one of our local Wellington Geeks but he actually grew up in Christchurch, surrounded by a large family, with 8 nephews and nieces. He is passionate about producing electronic music and loves to perform at music events, concerts and festivals. He also enjoys a bit of swimming, sports and spending quality time with his family.

    Ant has enjoyed working with technology from a young age which led him to a career working in tech support and a degree in Sonic Arts, specialising in software-based composition. He mentions that he became geek because he wanted a job where we could help others with their technology to make life easier and so that they could unlock the full potential of their computers.

    What our customers say about Ant
    Ant was wonderful setting up my new PC! very efficient and friendly and would definitely recommend Geeks to everyone I know that may require IT service. Ant was very professional and pleasant to work with - was very helpful and informative and knowledgeable. He was very thorough in carrying out the customer's requests of "To Dos" both onsite and in the workshop. His professional and pleasant manner made the experience of the PC changeover stress free! Thank you very much, Ant Appreciating the skills and expertise Ant brought to the job. Thank you!

Services provided by the Wellington Geeks on Wheels

Mobile Computer Repairs and support in the Wellington region

Get mobile computer repairs and support in Wellington. We come to you fast to help repair and provide service & support for all of your computer problems in Wellington. Highly trained technicians can troubleshoot all PC and Apple Mac problems. System health checks to make your computer run as fast as it can – include software updates, hardware check-ups and virus scan.

Virus protection & spyware removal for Wellington customers

Fast virus and spyware removal in Wellington – we travel to you. We ensure that your computer is up to date with the latest anti-virus and spyware protection software supplied and installed on your PC. All systems are fully screened for viruses or spyware & any threats to your computers health are removed quickly.

PC & Mac repairs and service in Wellington

Geeks on Wheels will service all types of computers – both Microsoft Windows PC’s and Apple Mac OSX. We have specialty Apple Mac trained technicians in Wellington. Software updates, hardware check-ups and virus scans give your system a health-check to make your computer run as fast as it should be.

New computer set-up in the Wellington region

We come to you to set up your new PC or Apple Mac computer. We travel to your home or office to set up all systems and peripherals in Wellington. Our technicians will install all programs, setup internet and email on your new computer. They can also transfer the data from your old computer and erase all information ready for sale or disposal.

Computer upgrades within Wellington

Mobile service to upgrade your computer in Wellington. We can upgrade PC’s and Apple Mac computers to optimise speed, increase hard drive space, provide more RAM and make your computer run more quickly & efficiently.

Internet and email setup in Wellington

We come to your place to connect you to the internet and set up your email in Wellington. New connections or new computers – we will configure your system to surf the internet and send & receive emails. We will make your internet wireless in Wellington.

Wireless router installation and configuration in Wellington

Mobile service in Wellington to provide and install your wireless router so you can surf the internet from anywhere in your home or office. Wi-Fi networks and wired networks installed and configured by highly trained and professional technicians in Wellington. Plus we setup your wireless security and antivirus & firewall protection. Wireless networks for Apple Mac computers and PC’s!

Data backup solutions in Wellington

Protect your precious photos, music and data files – a variety of backup solutions provided by Wellington computer technicians to suit your needs. Provision of backup software and training in using your backup drive in your home or office. Online backup solutions available.

Data recovery in Wellington

Assistance with recovering lost data. Our highly trained mobile technicians will use the tools available to attempt to recover lost data files. Assistance provided to set up reliable backups to protect your precious data in Wellington.

Computer troubleshooting for Wellington customers

Your computer problems solved by our mobile technicians in Wellington. PC and Mac troubleshooting to assist you with everyday computer issues in your home and office. Technical help, advice and assistance in Wellington.