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TP Link Smart Bulb Kasa KL130 / KL130B

$129.00 (incl. GST)

Light up the room, set the mood and refresh your space with the Kasa Smart Bulb.

  • Colour Change
  • Groups
  • Remote Access
  • Voice Commands

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TP – Link Kasa Colour Changing Smart Bulb with WiFi Connectivity

Light up the room, set the mood and refresh your space with the Kasa Smart Bulb. This awesome TP Link Smart Bulb connects has WiFi intelligence. This means that it can connect to an app on your phone and allows you to control the light bulb with the touch of a button. This Smart bulb also has a colour changing feature. Surround yourself with a calming blue for yoga, sensual red for a romantic date or a funky purple for having your mates over. Whatever the atmosphere, control the lights from wherever you are, all you need is a WiFi connection. Using the app, you can also group multiple lights at the same time to gain a fuller effect. Furthermore you can even control your TP Link Smart Bulb with voice commands by connecting it to Google Home or Amazon Alexa. The Smart Bulb is also proven to save you energy without losing quality of light and can even auto – adjust it’s temperature to match the light patterns of the day. Perfect if you’re working winding down in the evening or need a bright light to wake you up in the morning.


  • Colour Change – This multicolour feature allows you to choose from a wide range of colours and set the mood for every occasion.
  • Groups – Grouping allows you to connect multiple lights on the Kasa app. For a fuller mood or bigger room and no extra effort.
  • Remote Access – Control your Smart Plug from anywhere using the free app. Available on IOS and Android.
  • Voice Commands –  Connect your TP Link Smart Plug to Amazon Alexa or Google Home. This allows you to use voice commands to manipulate colour or change the brightness of your bulb.
  • Simple to Use – Unlike other devices on the market, this bulb doesn’t require a hub. All you have to do is connect it to you homes secure WiFi network. Super Simple.
  • Auto Temperature Adjust – Create natural light patterns with the auto adjust feature.
  • Energy Consumption – The TP Link Smart Bulb is proven and certified to drive down energy consumption. All without losing light or colour quality.