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What is the best brand of home security cameras NZ?

Hi, Geeks! This month we’re taking a look at home security cameras NZ. It’s never easy choosing the best one for your home, so we’ve put together a short guide. Read on to see our top picks for the best home security cameras in NZ! When it comes to home security, you want something you can trust. It also needs to be easy to use, long-lasting, and affordable. The good news is that home security cameras in NZ have come a long way in recent years. They’re smarter, simpler, and better than ever before.

Ring- best home security camera system

Ring – The most well-known name for security cameras NZ

 One of the most well-known names in the business is also one of the best: Ring.

The brand offers indoor and outdoor security cameras so you can see what’s happening all over your property. The outdoor cameras come with the option of lights, sirens, and night vision, and the indoor cameras are very easy to install. Arguably the best benefit of Ring security cameras is the price. They offer some of the lowest prices on the market, making it a good choice for those not looking to spend too much on their security system.

Arlo security camera system

Arlo – Offers a wide range of security camera options

The Arlo security camera system is a popular one thanks to its practical and flexible setup. They are wireless, so can be placed anywhere around the home, and feature a rechargeable battery and AC power option for more flexibility. You have the choice of the basic Essential camera, a mid-range 2K camera, or the high-level 4K camera. They all offer zooming functionality, two-way audio, sirens, and some level of noise cancellation, as well as other features.

ADT – WIFI camera for your home

ADT has long been a known and trusted brand for home security cameras in NZ. This brand sells different WiFi cameras as packages so you can opt for indoor, outdoor, or both. They feature a 24/7 live feed and provide recordings of events, all through an app on your phone. These cameras have an activation fee and a monthly fee, but come with free installation.

Nest – The best security camera for your smart home

Nest is a beloved brand in the home security market. While at the higher end of the price range, Nest remains a favourite for its ease of use, stylish units, ease of integration with other smart home devices, and non-contract system. These cameras connect via WiFi and will alert you if there is someone in your home who shouldn’t be. They also allow you to broadcast your voice in your home, with the idea being that you could scare off an intruder by letting them know they are being watched and recorded, and that police are on the way.

This is the system to opt for if you want all the bells and whistles for your smart home.

Swann – The ‘DIY’ brand for home security

Swann has made a name for itself as the ‘DIY’ brand for home security. These cameras come with their own mounting plates so you can set it up how you like, although keep in mind only some models are wireless, so you may need to keep an outlet connection in mind when you plan their placement. The Swann Extreem system, for example, is 100% wireless, with both motion and heat sensing, night vision, and two-way talk functionality. The outdoor camera is built to withstand the elements, whereas the indoor cameras are not designed to go outside – but come at a more affordable price per unit.

Setting up home security cameras in NZ

While some systems are easy to install, others require a professional with the right skills and tools. It is likely you may need an electrician to set up the wiring, run cables, and mount cameras to walls. Some retailers will be able to offer the services of a professional to set up your kit, so be sure to ask when you purchase the security camera. If your question is software-related, Geeks on Wheels may be able to help! Get in touch to discuss your needs and we’ll let you know if our team would be able to assist.