COVID-19 Pre-Cautions 17th August 2021 - Geeks on Wheels


COVID-19 Pre-Cautions 17th August 2021

Here is our latest COVID-19 Update

Hi there Geek Fan,

Here is our latest COVID-19 Update.

Our main priority is to keep our customers, our staff, and the rest of New Zealand SAFE!

So what does this mean?
While we are at alert level 4 we have temporarily suspended our ‘We Come to You’ service.

If you currently have an appointment booked with us during the lockdown period our call centre staff will be contacting you to discuss and coordinate alternative arrangements. Please be patient with us during this difficult time. Our priority is everyone’s safety.

As of Wednesday, 17th August 2021, as we are deemed an essential service, we will be operating a No Contact – Remote Support Service option.

If you have an issue with any of your devices, you will be able to make a remote booking by contacting our call centre (who along with some of our technical staff are already set up at home, ready to help!) to arrange a No Contact – Remote Support time slot. Once you have booked a time, one of our technicians will call you to assess the issue you are having. If the issue is something they may be able to fix, they will securely access your device and will attempt to help you over the phone. All of this will be completed securely and remotely. We are confident that we will be able to resolve most issues using our No Contact – Remote Support Service.

If for some reason we can’t help you remotely, our senior Geeks will ensure that you or your business qualifies for our Pickup / Drop-off service. This service will ONLY be for customers that we cannot help remotely. This will simply involve a technician picking up and dropping off PC/Mac systems from your site, with absolutely no contact (just like a courier) and with all of the appropriate physical distancing, hygiene, and cleaning recommended by the Ministry of Health.

Pick-Up / Drop Off Procedure

The below safety measures have been put in place in accordance with the guidelines outlined by the public health authorities of NZ and the guidelines provided on the Government COVID19 website.

WE WILL NOT BE ALLOWING ANYONE TO ENTER ANY OF OUR CLIENT’S HOMES OR PREMISES. We see these sites as non-controlled environments and in the interests of doing our bit to stamp out this virus and looking after our staff, customers, and the wider community, we will not enter. Our procedure is as follows:

  1. We will visit your site, but we will not enter any building or facility.
  2. Our pickup technician will then coordinate with you a no-contact and physically distanced pickup of your device using a large sanitised plastic box.
  3. The technician will return to the regional GOW office where the final offsite diagnosis will be carried out.​

Some standardized rules are in place throughout this offsite process; –

  1. Use of our own Geeks Keyboard and Mouse is mandatory
  2. We will wear disposable GLOVES at all times and dispose of them after each use.
  3. The plastic box will be sanitized before and after its use.
  4. Basic hygiene measures for everyone include; physical distancing, good hand hygiene, cough etiquette, regular cleaning of surfaces and frequently touched items, avoid touching face, eyes, mouth, and nose is essential at all times.
  5. Our Geeks will be wiping down all surfaces they come in to contact with for any pick-ups

In addition, we will also be offering all of our usual software packages. These include antivirus and office 365 subscriptions. They are available to purchase on our Geek Shop, once purchased you will be contacted by one of our friendly experts who can install any subscriptions securely using our Remote Helpline.

Please contact the call centre team as you normally would and they can take you through these options in more detail. We are committed to helping you with your technical needs at this time and we will provide further updates as things evolve.

Please note, if you are a Geek+ or a Geek Hotline member, your remote service will still be available to you as normal.