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Imagine a world where you never had to worry about your devices ever again…

Geek+ is the ultimate IT support package that will have you covered all year round.

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from $189 per year

Geek+ for…

What is Geek+

Unlimited help at your fingertips

Members of Geek+ receive unlimited* access to the Geek Helpline. We can solve 80% of tech issues remotely. The peace of mind you need.

20% discount on home visit appointments

Geek+ club members get an exclusive discount on home-visit appointments. Essential for when you need a Geek to sort WiFi & Smart Home Tech.

FREE health and security check

As a member of Geek+ you’ll get a thorough and comprehensive Health & Security check. Here are the seven reasons why a regular computer checkup is essential…

Premium members also get…

Anti-virus subscription

Geek+ Premium members get access to MalwareBytes Antivirus Subscription. We pride ourselves on ensuring you get the best protection for your devices.

Password manager

A password manager is a computer program that allows users to store, generate, and manage their passwords for local app and online services. Watch our video and discover why YOU need one.

Scam & security updates

Stay alert and safe with exclusive scam and security updates straight to your inbox. As soon as we get wind of a scam we’ll let you know so you can be safe using your devices.

Community Facebook group

Stay connected to other members of Geek+ through our FB group. Exclusive entry into a quarterly Geek+ Premium prize draw.

Take back your day and leave the ‘boring’ IT stuff to us!

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from $189 per year

IT support has never been this easy…


With a couple of clicks, you’re on the way to sorting out your IT!


Our Geek+ members receive a special welcome pack, delivered to your door by our technicians.


If you’re not satisfied we aren’t satisfied.


Free, comprehensive health and security check for your devices.

Choose a plan that works for you or your business…

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from $189 per year

*Standard hourly rate is currently $152 incl GST
**Fair use policy applies (refer to T&C’s)
***Conditions apply (refer to T&C’s)