COVID – 19 Revised Service Options - Geeks on Wheels

COVID – 19 Revised Service Options

1st April 2020

Hi, Geek Fans,

Here is our latest COVID-19 Update.




Since we last spoke, the New Zealand Government has now classified Geeks on Wheels as an essential business.

So what does this mean? 

  1. We can still provide remote IT support for all New Zealanders.
  2. We can provide additional IT support for essential services AND people working from home.
  3. We can now supply essential computer equipment and parts or in Government terms “essential non-food consumer products”.

Our main priority is still to keep our customers, our staff and the rest of New Zealand safe! In light of this we will now offer the following services:

If you have a computer issue or need help with your devices then call us to book a remote support appointment.

All bookings will start off this way. We are proud to announce that this Non Contact Remote Support Service is resolving 90% of our customer’s computer problems.

However, for more complex issues like hardware failure, we may not be able to solve this remotely. This is where our second service option comes into play. Our Non Contact Pick – Up  Service has been created under strict MBIE and Ministry of Health Level 4 Guidelines.

Are you an essential business, are you working from home or do you need devices or parts for essential work? We can help! 

Our team will talk with you about what you need and arrange to supply you with a new device or parts to get you up and running again. In addition, we can offer data transfer and machine setup services to ensure that your new device has everything you need pre-installed.

If you have any questions please call us to discuss your options or simply book now.

Pre-Order Your Remote Support Time Slot







26th March 2020

Hi there Geek Fan,


We currently have two priorities:

– Keeping our staff, our customers and the rest of New Zealand safe.

– Assisting our customers with technical issues during the isolation period.

Please be assured that Geeks on Wheels remain 100% committed to ensuring your technology needs are met and we are doing everything we can to make this happen. As a result of the Government announcement, we will be temporarily suspending our “We come to you” service, however we have been working hard to bring you a revised service.

As of Thursday, 26th March 2020, we will be operating a No Contact – Remote Support Service option. This will be similar to our regular service however, it will consist of no contact between the customer and our staff. If you have an issue with any of your devices, you will still be able to make a booking by calling our call centre (who along with some of our technical staff are already set up at home, ready to help!) and arrange a No Contact – Remote Support time slot. Once you have booked in a time, one of our technicians will call you to understand the issue you are having. The technician will then ensure that we are able to fix the problem and if possible, securely access your device and fix the issue with you over the phone. Our technicians will be operating remotely and will still be able to resolve most issues through our new No Contact – Remote Support Service.

In addition, we will also be offering all of our software packages. These include antivirus and office 365 subscriptions. They are available to purchase on our Geek Shop, once purchased you will be contacted by one of our friendly experts who can install the subscription securely through the Remote Helpdesk.

Please contact the call centre team as you normally would and they can take you through these options in more detail. We are committed to helping your or your company with your technical needs at this time and we will provide further updates as things evolve.

Stay safe everyone, and keep in touch.

We are here to help.

The Geeks on Wheels Team