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Anitvirus-protection against Cyber Crime

Antivirus protecting you against cyber crime

Ransomware protection is an essential requirement for absolute computer security in 2019.

With Ransomware being able to target anyone, from individuals to small businesses to large organisations like government departments and hospitals, nobody is safe from the reach of this form of cyber-crime.

Ransomware works by infecting your PC/Mac and encrypting your files on your computer so that you can not access them, while at the same time demanding that payment be made to unlock them. Reports indicate that even if the ransom is paid, many victims have not had the attacker unlock their files or have then been extorted to pay even larger sums of money in the hope that their files would be released.

The only way to stop ransomware is by detecting it, before it has the chance to run on your computer, which is something that many antiviruses are not equipped to do!

Malwarebytes has a great track record with ransomware, indicating that in 2017, during the rise of ransomware, all users running their premium product for Windows were not infected by any of the major attacks and their files were unharmed.

Cyber Security is for everyone.

In 2018, it was reported by Symantec that of the 978 Million people affected globally by cyber-crime, 1 Million were New Zealanders. This means that nearly half of all New Zealanders have or know someone who has been affected by cybercrime.

In 2017 Kiwi Cybercrime victims lost more than $177 Million Combined, with 82% of Kiwis reporting financial loss that was not reimbursed.

The profile of cybercrime victims is similar globally: most victims are everyday people who use multiple devices, whether at home or on the go, but have a blind spot when it comes to cyber security basics (such as using different passwords for different accounts online).

This means that a large number of New Zealanders who believe they may be at a low risk of becoming a cybercrime victim may in fact share the same risk as the 1 Million Kiwis affected in 2017.

Many Antimalware solutions don’t provide any real time protection leaving you open and vulnerable to hackers every time you go online!

Real-time protection is the protection against viruses, spyware and malware by monitoring the data that you use on your computer as you use it. This means that as data is loaded in to the computers memory (by CD, opening an email, USB stick or browsing the web) where malicious files can then run, Malwarebytes analyses the file and checks for similarities to known malicious programs files. By doing this, Malwarebytes prevents the file from running and infecting your computer, meaning that there is no opportunity for the file to monitor your passwords, steal credit card information or damage your files.

The Malwarebytes approach.

Malwarebytes lowers the risk of becoming a cyber-crime victim by notifying you of issues before it is too late and by protecting you from every angle that cyber-crime may interact with you.

Malwarebytes will block websites suspected of phishing (stealing your password through fraud), Hosting malicious content ( viruses, malware and undesirable programs ) as you browse the web.

As covered above, any files entering the PC are scanned in real-time to determine their authenticity and quarantined if they are found to be malicious.

Applications are hardened with Application behaviour protection, meaning that all applications on your computer are protected from being leveraged to infect your computer.

Ransomware is blocked by means of behavioural monitoring which checks to see if your computer is doing anything that it would not normally do.

Without all of these angles being protected, you are vulnerable to cyber-crime.

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